It’s MBA fair season: a great opportunity for prospective MBAs to attend admissions panels and get tips on the admissions process, pick up GMAT/GRE advice, talk face-to-face with admissions directors, and figure out which schools are right for you.

It also gives adcomm a chance to hear questions directly from applicants and make connections with future MBAs who may be a fit for programs.

Here are 5 tips to ensure you make the most of these MBA events:

  1. Every touch point with a school reflects upon you as a candidate, be it with the Director of Admissions or the receptionist.  Smile, offer a confident hand shake, show your enthusiasm, and be professional with whomever you speak.
  2. Do your homework.  Nothing shows your interest in a particular program more than asking thoughtful questions beyond what can be found online.  Ask about an intriguing topic, campus initiatives, or an aspect of the curriculum reflecting your interests. Show genuine curiosity, rather than simply a desire for face time.
  3.  Book one-on-one sessions whenever possible.  Some programs offer a chance to reserve a time slot to meet with adcomm privately or in a small group.  Don’t miss this opportunity to make a positive impression and build a positive relationship with one of your target schools.
  4. Bring your business cards and resume. It is a perfectly appropriate gesture, and it can offer a nice touch that will help the admissions officers remember you.
  5. Be open minded.  One of the best aspects of these events is the chance to learn more about other programs that may actually be a great fit for you.  Even if your presumed dream school won’t be there, go anyway! Walk around, engage with people, and pick up knowledge that will help you in the admissions process.

If we’ve piqued your interest, please enjoy this free registration link from our friends at the QS World MBA Tour which in the next few weeks will be everywhere from NYC to Mexico City to Nairobi. Here is some more info:

The QS World MBA Tour

Taking place on 5 continents, the QS World MBA Tour is the world’s largest.  These distinguished events offer panel discussions on the latest MBA topics and trends, presentations from admissions and GMAT/GRE experts, school matching opportunities, and the chance speak one-on-one with admissions directors.  To find the fair in your nearest city and to register, click here:

USA & Canada
New York 13th May 2017
Toronto 14th May 2017
Houston 16th May 2017
Edmonton 16th May 2017
Washington DC 18th May 2017

Latin America
Mexico City 13th May 2017

Johannesburg 09th May 2017
Accra 11th May 2017
Lagos 13th May 2017
Nairobi 15th May 2017

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