Greetings from Santa Monica, California!  Why are we writing to you from the Los Angeles oceanfront, you ask–surrounded by gorgeous Malibu, edgy Venice, and posh Brentwood?  For starters, this sure isn’t a bad place to be. Outside the window are palm trees, chirping birds, a fresh ocean breeze, and beautiful sun.  And after spending quite a bit of time out here over the years, we decided to make Southern California our home. (What could be more fitting for our Shine, after all?!)

So please join us in celebrating Shine’s new locale out west—where we’ll continue to advise top MBA applicants coast-to-coast and overseas, just as easily as we did from Colorado.  Our contact info even will remain unchanged; we’ll just be one time zone to the left :)


Hillary Schubach
Founder & President


Emma, first beach frolic


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