Once again, to pay homage to the MBA programs in our Colorado stomping ground, I am pleased to shed light into the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.  I recently took the opportunity to sit down with Allison Sharpe, Graduate Admissions Manager, to learn more about the program.

Did you know:

  • Daniels is the 8th oldest business school in the US and one of the first to integrate business ethics into its curriculum.  Ethical leadership is woven into the core of the program and is a key to who they are.
  • For an MBA candidate seeking variety, flexibility, and a fully-customizable experience, Daniels is the ideal program.  Concentrations are not required, and students can take as many electives as they like.  And at a university with more graduate students than undergrads, cross-registration options are plentiful.
  • Daniels offers a strong focus on globalization and is closely connected to companies, and even governments, around the world.  Students can choose from 10-14 international project trips to pursue their global interests.
  • The program’s other famed strengths include: accounting (Daniels was initially founded as a school of accountancy), real estate (its Real Estate & Construction Management program is renowned) and finance (one of the most popular concentrations).
  • While there are 11,000 students at DU overall, the MBA program is small and extremely tight-knit.  Classes are intimate, the faculty is highly-accessible, students are involved, and collaboration/teamwork are an important part of their culture.
  • While Colorado is certainly the home base for many alumni, Daniels boasts strong alumni connections worldwide. International students comprise 36% of the student body, with a particular draw from China.
  • For students whose GMAT may not be high enough to boost them into the MBA program, Daniels also offers several certificate programs in areas such as finance, accounting, business intelligence, innovation/entrepreneurship, management/leadership, marketing, real estate, or a customized course of study.

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