Duke Fuqua logoLast week, in the midst of a vibrant Duke Alumni Weekend, I had the pleasure of spending time at the Fuqua School of Business. It was as if the perfect 70 degree weather and blue North Carolina skies were planted intentionally to impress, however it was my conversation with Director of Admissions Megan Lynam that shed the most meaningful light into what makes an MBA from Duke so special.

Did you know:

  • Fuqua operates on six-week terms, which means more opportunity for more classes—along with a more rapid pace of learning. If you’re the type of person who can juggle many balls in the air successfully, you’ll be primed for success at Fuqua. If not, this is a program that will teach you quickly to become adept at prioritization and time management.
  • Fuqua students are very deeply engaged and have an important role in taking the school to the next level. Through opportunities such as the carefully-selected second-year Fellows, students can work alongside department leaders and greatly influence strategic decisions throughout the school.
  • With campuses all over the world (London, Dubai, Shanghai, St. Petersburg, New Delhi), Fuqua is the first truly global business school and offers unmatched opportunities in international business. Through programs such as GATE (Global Academic Travel Experience), FCCP (Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum), and a wide range of exchange programs, students can immerse themselves and gain real-world experience in key cultural and economic regions overseas.
  • Interdisciplinary study is a unique opportunity at Duke, with many students capitalizing on its extensive cross-registration and joint-degree options. Few universities offer access to such breadth of world-class graduate programs, and Fuqua students are encouraged to explore where business meets sustainability, health care, public policy, law and other areas of interest. And by offering the flexibility to pursue up to two concentrations, or none at all, Fuqua is committed to helping each student shape his/her own blank slate.
  • While well-known as a marketing powerhouse, Fuqua is equally strong in numerous disciplines, including finance, leadership/management, health care, strategy, and energy and environment/sustainability. A priority at Fuqua is supporting those with social entrepreneurship and nonprofit pursuits, both domestically and in developing countries. Another focus area is developing “leaders of consequence,” and students furthering that mission can work within its premier Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (COLE).
  • As much as it is a progressive and cutting-edge research institution, Duke University has a southern charm that is not lost on Fuqua. Culturally, you will find a student body that is immensely smart and talented, yet very humble. Students are team-oriented and collaborative. Those who aren’t a strong fit with this unique culture are weeded out through the interview process. And the program is highly inclusive of family—however you define it.

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