Last week, I was  lucky enough to spend some quality time at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business with admissions team members Kelly Wilson, Hilary Prokop, and Kristen Bautz.  On a perfect sunny Washington DC morning, I got a firsthand look at what makes this program so special.

Did you know:

  • Georgetown is a true general management program, and offers complete flexibility in defining one’s curriculum.  With no majors, and the freedom to select any combination of second year electives, the program is equally ideal for students pursuing traditional and non-traditional career paths.
  • Georgetown is a great fit for students who understand that business is about the impact on both society and the bottom line.  Grounded in the university’s Jesuit heritage, the MBA program values principled leadership and an appreciation of diversity, tolerance, and ethics.
  • These same values have also fostered a warm and caring culture at McDonough.  The small class size and tight-knit community leads its students to be frequently found sharing recruiting insights with one another, running study sessions for classmates, and helping each other succeed.
  • Beyond its location in Washington DC, Georgetown’s new curriculum places even greater emphasis on the global aspect of business—beginning the first week of school with “The Structure Of Global Industries” and culminating in each student’s international consulting project second year.
  • McDonough is known for its strengths in finance, marketing and strategy, yet it also has a growing curriculum in energy, sustainability, health care, international development and nonprofit.  Its DC location opens many doors for students interested in the policy impact of these industries, and with no classes on Fridays, students are encouraged to connect with learning opportunities in the metro area.
  • Georgetown’s DC location also enables it to attract a high-caliber set of speakers with unique perspectives on leadership—foreign leaders and the like.  All McDonough students attend its Leadership Speaker Series, and they have access to speakers presenting throughout the university.
  • The Hoya connection is extremely strong university-wide, and McDonough students are invited to cross-register (or pursue dual degrees) at any of Georgetown’s world-class graduate schools including foreign service, law, public policy, and medicine.  Up to 12 credits of cross-registered classes can count toward a student’s MBA.  Students can also pursue an International Business Diplomacy certificate with the foreign service school within their two-year MBA curriculum.
  • New at McDonough:  Dean David A. Thomas (straight from Harvard), a new curriculum, and the beautiful new Rafik B. Hariri Building, which brings together the entire business school program under one roof.  An $85MM project, funded exclusively by alumni donations and opened in 2009, it gives students a state-of-the art facility through which to learn, collaborate, interact with faculty, and inspire change.

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