Recently, I got to spend some quality time at UCLA Anderson School of Management with Associate Director of Admissions Jessica Chung. On a sunny day in Los Angeles (is there any other?), I got to take a closer look at what makes UCLA’s MBA program so fantastic.


Did You Know?

  • Anderson offers lots of flexibility after revising their curriculum several years ago. They now offer more tracks and specializations to provide more structure for students who wish to gain depth and expertise in particular industries/functions.
  • Given its close proximity to Hollywood, UCLA is an obviously excellent choice for those interested in entertainment and media, and it is well known for that strength. However, it’s an equally great school for those interested in finance, entrepreneurship and technology. The career paths that students pursue most are technology, finance, and consulting, and recruiters from major firms in New York and the east coast come to UCLA for all-star talent.
  • Much like its counterparts to the east, the city of Los Angeles is home every industry imaginable—including world-class finance and asset management firms, as well as biotechnology, alternative energy and emerging tech. Just 10 minutes away from campus is “Silicon Beach” which houses Yahoo!, Google, Facebook and other creative tech companies.
  • If you consider yourself a “career switcher,” Anderson may be an ideal fit for you. The program embraces those looking to shift gears and has an abundance of amazing resources to help, including top-notch career services that can advise you on the feasibility of your career switch.
  • UCLA is the first MBA program to develop a partnership with TED. It now offers joint programming and a TED Week conference broadcast held on campus in April to advance thought leadership.
  • To propel its forward momentum, the Anderson culture involves anticipating problems so they can quickly determine solutions. Students are asked to provide feedback regularly with Dean Town Halls and office hours, which Anderson administrative officials take very seriously.
  • There’s a saying at Anderson that students should “be a champion of something,” and UCLA is a wonderful fit for anyone actively looking to get involved. With 360 students, it’s relatively small, which means you can readily find the leadership role outside the classroom that best fits your passion.
  • Additionally, the small class size also fosters a sense of cooperation and collaboration. While students are competitive, it’s never at the expense of another student. Anderson looks for people who want to connect with others and support their classmates in their entrepreneurial and creative endeavors. Strong communication skills are a must, as well as an inquisitive mind and willingness to work as a team–whether it’s participating in extracurriculars or joining forces with classmates on innovative projects.
  • In recent news, Anderson is no longer funded by the state of California; it’s privately funded, though state funding will continue for UCLA. We anticipate that this will allow students to feel even more as though they’re attending a small, intimate MBA program, nestled within the dynamic surroundings of a large state university.

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