Why Should Your Reader Care?

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Why Should Your Reader Care? As we review our clients' business school essays, we often find ourselves responding back to them with this simple question:  So what? That’s great that you’ve told us that interesting story. However, why should we care about what you just said? That sounds harsh. Think of it from the admissions committee's perspective though. How has your story just conveyed your potential as a valued addition to our incoming MBA class?  How has it shown us that you’re primed to have an impact in the world?  In your future organization? At our business school? What value will you be adding to our MBA community? This short and sweet blog post is a reminder to always ask yourself the question, “So what?” as you’re going about your business school applications. To use my favorite tennis analogy: “Follow through.”  Even a solid hit will lose its momentum if you don't follow through on your swing.  In essay-writing terms: you’ve just told them a great story, now finish your thought.  Why are you sharing this with them?  The reason, hopefully, is something to the effect of:  because it conveys what I’m capable of, and what I’ll assuredly accomplish in ...

Evan, MIT Sloan MBA

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Evan, MIT Sloan MBA I am absolutely convinced Hillary was the best person to help me with my applications.  She gave me the guidance, support, and confidence I needed to be successful in the process.  I couldn't have done it without her.  Thanks, Hillary! - Evan (Washington, DC)

Amy, Dartmouth Tuck MBA

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Amy, Dartmouth Tuck MBA Hillary was exactly what I was looking for in a consultant. As someone who was feeling discouraged by a previous GMAT attempt and unsure of my overall odds of getting into a top school, I cherished the honest yet positive input that Hillary brought into the mix. She was the one person who I felt was with me throughout the entire application process, from revamping my resume to editing essays and interview prep. She had an extremely effective way of pinpointing my relevant strengths and advising me on the best way to showcase them within my essays and applications overall. I truly feel that Hillary allowed me to put my best foot forward at every step along the way and I cannot imagine what it would have been like to try to apply to business schools without her help. Through the ups and downs of this crazy process, Hillary was my voice of reason and the first person I wanted to call with good news! - Amy (San Francisco, CA)

Katie, Kellogg MBA

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Katie, Kellogg MBA The team at Shine was integral to my admission offer to my dream program at Kellogg. I came to Shine after retaking the GMAT, but still feeling insecure about my competitive position. Coming from an non-traditional background with 10+ years of work experience I wasn’t sure how schools would consider my application. Hillary helped me to organize my application as a package that brought out my strengths in areas I considered weaknesses. She also encouraged me to look to schools that I had considered out of my reach, such as Kellogg. Tactically, the resume review and editing services were extremely helpful and the essay brainstorming and editing process was critical to my success. When I got off the phone from the Admissions Officer at Kellogg after receiving my offer of admission, the first and only thing I could think to do was text Hillary to say “Holy s*$^! I got in to Kellogg!!!” - Katie (Denver, CO)

Getting off the MBA waitlist

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Getting off the MBA waitlist You’ve put in your full effort, delivered an outstanding MBA application, and the disappointing decision comes back: waitlisted.  You feel like you might as well have been rejected. Don’t despair.  It’s NOT a hopeless cause.  Every year, at nearly every top business school, people are taken off the waitlist and given that long-awaited admit letter.  The waitlist spot means they already like you and would welcome you in the class, given unlimited room.  Here’s how to position yourself best for those precious last spots at the school of your dreams. Listen to your admissions committee While many admissions committees welcome additional submissions to support your candidacy, others explicitly state that they do not.  Respect their wishes, and carefully read their instructions before you begin any waitlist campaign.  You’ve come this far; you don’t want to do anything now that could potentially harm your candidacy. Let them know how much they mean to you First, write a brief letter confirming that the school remains your clear first choice, and if admitted, you would definitely attend.  (Assuming that’s true.  If it isn’t, consider letting the waitlist spot go to another candidate.)  Add any support points ...