Why Should Your Reader Care?

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Why Should Your Reader Care? As we review our clients' business school essays, we often find ourselves responding back to them with this simple question:  So what? That’s great that you’ve told us that interesting story. However, why should we care about what you just said? That sounds harsh. Think of it from the admissions committee's perspective though. How has your story just conveyed your potential as a valued addition to our incoming MBA class?  How has it shown us that you’re primed to have an impact in the world?  In your future organization? At our business school? What value will you be adding to our MBA community? This short and sweet blog post is a reminder to always ask yourself the question, “So what?” as you’re going about your business school applications. To use my favorite tennis analogy: “Follow through.”  Even a solid hit will lose its momentum if you don't follow through on your swing.  In essay-writing terms: you’ve just told them a great story, now finish your thought.  Why are you sharing this with them?  The reason, hopefully, is something to the effect of:  because it conveys what I’m capable of, and what I’ll assuredly accomplish in ...

Planning Timeline for MBA Applicants

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Planning Timeline for MBA Applicants Are you ready to apply to business school this year? Maybe you’ve been prepping for the GMAT or staring at your resume, unsure of what to say. Think you can’t do much right now? Think again! It’s time to start thinking ahead to when you will be applying and how you can make the most of these early months. You’ll be a stronger candidate that’s not only ahead of the curve, but also (hopefully) a little less stressed about the process! 5-6 Months Out Use this time to assess and evaluate. Do you still need to take the GMAT or GRE? Now is the perfect time, considering how time-consuming preparation will be. Are you dissatisfied with your GMAT score? Sign up for new prep classes. Or if you feel like your undergraduate coursework wasn’t top notch, then take--and ace!--a local or online course in accounting, finance or statistics. At this point, you should definitely be scouring school websites to identify the best MBA programs for you. Ask yourself the tough questions: beyond ranking and reputation, does the school offer what you truly need? Does it offer coursework that will help you achieve your career goals? ...

Rufaro, Harvard MBA

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Rufaro, Harvard MBA Hillary was so helpful in my essay writing process. She made sure she really got to know me so she could ensure “my voice” and passions came through in my essays. She was always available for last minute calls and brainstorming sessions, and would help me think through my muddled ideas to make sense of it all. I can’t thank her enough for all of her help!!!! - Rufaro (New York, NY)

Overcoming MBA essay writer’s block

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Overcoming MBA essay writer’s block It’s time to start outlining your business school essays, and your mind is a blank.  What do I wish I had done better?  What matters most to me and why?  What has fundamentally transformed the way I think?  Where should you begin? Here are a few tips to jumpstart your writer’s engine and get those creative juices flowing: Ask your friends and family Get the input of people close to you. What is their perception of what makes you tick?  How would they describe your values, attributes, and opportunities for improvement?  What are you doing when they see your eyes light up the most? You’d be surprised how an outsider’s input can inspire a seedling of an idea that ultimately blossoms into your best essay. Find creative inspiration Go to the local book store and flip through one of those “essays that worked for the top business schools” books.  There are plenty of them.  You might be moved by the unique approaches others have taken to an otherwise straight-forward question.  Think outside the box.  There’s no rule that says your essays should be conservative (and dare I say boring)  in tone.  The admissions committee loves ...