Nicole, MIT Sloan MBA

August 15, 2017  |   Testimonials   |     |   0 Comment

Nicole, MIT Sloan MBA I applied to a whopping 7 schools and worked with Shine on 2 of them. Because the MBA application process is demanding and unpredictable, I sought a trusted partner to think through application strategy, test prep, essays, etc. with me. Although the financial investment is significant, I knew that I only wanted to go through this process once and do it right – without any regrets or what-ifs. I interviewed several MBA consultants and chose to work with Hillary, who a friend recommended, because of her willingness to put in meaningful time with me and her unrelenting commitment to my success. Even beyond her amazing guidance on my applicants, I found that she gave me an unexpected gift: confidence. I applied to schools that I thought were beyond my reach and will ultimately attend one! Despite a just-ok test score, I was invited to interview at 6 of the 7 schools and was accepted to 4 of them (with a scholarship). The foundation she set for me on 2 school applications helped me create strong applications for the other 5 schools. I am absolutely overjoyed with the results. Thank you, Hillary! - Nicole (San Francisco, CA)

David, Columbia Law

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David, Columbia Law Hillary and the Shine team were one of the best bets I made in this admissions cycle. Hillary was honest and appropriately forceful at the start, in helping me nail down a career plan that felt genuine to who I am, and compelling to MBA programs. She then meticulously went through my essays and data forms with the eyes of a hawk. Hillary was kind, considerate, and compassionate throughout. She also pushed me to consider schools and programs that were not initially on my radar and that ended up feeling like great fits! I’d enthusiastically recommend Hillary and Shine to anyone considering applying! - David (Washington, DC)

Sofia, UCLA Anderson MBA

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Sofia, UCLA Anderson MBA Hillary was so helpful to me throughout the process. She kept me on track and moving my resume and applications along. Without her, I never would have gotten my applications in in the first round. Additionally, her guidance and constructive edits on the essays were the reason that I got into the schools I did. She pushed me to really dig deep and tell the best story I could. Thank you so much, Hillary. - Sofia (Los Angeles, CA)

Pablo, Northwestern Kellogg MBA

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Pablo, Northwestern Kellogg MBA Hillary Schubach from Shine was extremely helpful in my application process. We developed a strategy for each school I applied to, we worked on my resume and we put together a great set of essays. I was accepted in all the schools I applied to and it was thanks to Hillary’s help and guidance. - Pablo (Monterrey, Mexico)  

Rebecca, UCLA Anderson MBA

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Rebecca, UCLA Anderson MBA Hillary and the team at Shine were invaluable to my application process. As someone who was incredibly overwhelmed during the application season, Hillary was a guiding light through multiple iterations of essays and short answers. I know the resume prep we completed was not only instrumental to my overall application, but will also help me during fall recruiting. Overall, Hillary kept me calm, collected, and focused on the task at hand. I would highly recommend her to any future applicant, and know undoubtedly that my admissions decisions would have been different without her help. - Rebecca (San Francisco, CA)

Bernardo, Harvard MBA

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Bernardo, Harvard MBA I researched long and hard for the best admissions consultants and finally decided to go with Shine given Hillary’s trajectory as a marketer, her success in applying to B-schools and the fact I was going to consult directly with her—a key factor for me given that other companies assign you to recent grads who work part-time and do not attend all relevant admission conferences. Since English is my second language (I’m from Mexico), Hillary’s help was crucial. She pushed me to deliver the absolute best essays (and beyond) and in the end it paid off—I was accepted at HBS. I owe much of my success in my applications to her diligent work. - Bernardo (Monterrey, Mexico)

Anuj, Northwestern Kellogg MBA

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Anuj, Northwestern Kellogg MBA The biggest challenge while working on my business school applications was managing it along with a grueling work schedule. Hillary not only helped me build a strong case by highlighting aspects in my career most relevant to a particular school/essay but also helped me stay focused through the long and tedious process.  She is also more than willing to go the extra mile to make sure the essays are as perfect as possible and is was very accessible though phone or email.  I would highly recommend Shine/ MBA Admissions Consulting if you are looking for help writing polished B-School essays. - Anuj (Chicago, IL)