MBA Interview Recap

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MBA Interview Recap By now, you should have heard from most of the business schools you applied to in Round 2 to find out if you’ve been invited to interview. If you’re lucky enough to be interviewing over the next few weeks, you won’t want to miss our recent blog posts covering MBA interviews, including whether you should interview on campus, what to ask your interviewers, and MBA interviews 101. To begin wrapping your head around the Dos and Don’ts, here are a few items to keep in mind as you prepare: Remember the basics of interviewing: dress to impress, make eye contact, speak slowly and concisely, and smile. Bring hard copies of your resume. Business cards are not necessary. Be friendly, positive, and courteous to EVERYONE you meet: student ambassadors, interviewers, and the receptionist. Be prepared to interview with someone other than who you were expecting. Know your own story inside and out. It should be consistent with what you wrote in your application. Listen to the question. Answer exactly as it was asked. A good framework to set up your examples is: situation, actions, results, takeaways. Demonstrate your passion for the school. If you’re not accepted anywhere else, it may quickly become your top choice. Avoid asking ...

Deciding Whether to Interview on Campus

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Deciding Whether to Interview on Campus If you're one of the lucky MBA applicants who have been invited to an interview, congratulations! Most business schools offer you the choice of going to campus for your interview or meeting with an alumnus in your city. The question is, which should you choose? Should I Stay or Should I Go? Know that the schools truly will not hold it against you if you live far from campus and can't make the trip. Furthermore, if you're concerned about traveling due to finances, family needs, or taking the time off work, there’s no need to add further stress to the process. That said, if you are being offered an interview at Columbia and you live in Philadelphia, it would behoove you to hop on Amtrak and make the trip to campus. You’re still very much in the courtship phase at this point, and your effort will be noted and appreciated. Why Interview on Campus? There are lots of upsides to interviewing on campus. Making the effort to travel there certainly indicates a high level of commitment and enthusiasm for the school. Most of all, it offers an ideal opportunity for you to make a day out of it and immerse yourself in the b-school experience: have ...

What To Ask Your Interviewer

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What To Ask Your Interviewer Pop Quiz:  When your MBA interview wraps up, and your interviewer asks, “Now, do you have any questions for me?” the correct answer is_______? Hopefully your response was, without any hesitancy, “YES.” The best way to demonstrate your interest in an MBA program is to ask thoughtful questions when given the chance at the end.  (Everyone likes to feel that someone’s interested in them, right?).  So how do you navigate this point of the interview and make a good impression? Think Positive Frame your questions in a positive light. Regardless of where this program falls on your wish list, at this point, you're still marketing yourself. (And this program may turn out to be your only option!)  So don’t put the interviewer on the defensive or express any hesitations you may have.  Questions like, “I am very excited by the tech concentration; can you tell me more about XX aspects of it?” will go farther than implying that you're still sizing up whether the tech program works for you. Think Passion Admissions officers want to feel that, if they extend an offer to you, you will be eager to accept.  Show them how much ...

MBA Interviews 101

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MBA Interviews 101 Congrats, you've been invited to interview by one of your target business schools!  This is your first glimpse of positive feedback on your applications and should certainly make you feel good.  Though it's important to keep your head in the game.  The application process is not over, and an interview is definitely not a done deal. Most of you are already familiar with the basics of interviewing: dressing to impress, making eye contact, bringing hard copies of your resume, and showing interest in the organization. But are you familiar with what MBA admissions officers specifically are looking for?  Here are four tips to help you seal the deal: Show Your Likability When a business school interviews you, above all, they’re looking to assess your fit.  Beyond your impressive application, are you socially functional?  Can you play nicely in the sandbox with others?  Will you thrive there and make friends?  (One top business school’s directive to its interviewers: “No jerks or weenies.”)   So, smile warmly.  Build a connection.  Give examples that showcase your positive interactions with others.  And show them that you know the difference between confidence and arrogance. Do Your ...

Resources for MBA Applicants: 2014

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Resources for MBA Applicants: 2014 In addition to providing our own advice through the Shine blog, presentations, and private MBA admissions consulting services, each year we like to share the outside resources that our past clients found helpful on their journeys to business school. Whether you’re looking to supplement your GMAT prep, learn more about your target schools, or find new ideas on tackling a tough essay question, the Shine MBA Class of 2016 recommended that you check out the following: GMAT/GRE Prep To increase their test scores, our clients this past year took advantage of private tutors in their area, as well as the following prep courses: Manhattan Prep Veritas Prep Kaplan Princeton Review Dominate the GMAT Advantage Testing For practice exams, The Official Guide to GMAT Review by GMAC has actual GMAT questions from previous tests with answers and detailed explanations. Additionally, they recommended Beat The GMAT and GMAT Club for online forums, links and tools. School/Admissions Insights As always, they recommended the school's own websites, blogs and social media pages as your first resource. Use these pages to learn about the characteristics of ...

Max, Emory Goizueta MBA

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Max, Emory Goizueta MBA I would recommend Shine to anyone, especially any former military officers looking to transition to business school.  Hillary was crucial in helping me quantify my military service in way that admissions committees would understand.  Her resume help was outstanding, and her help with essay writing and interview prep were essential to my application process.  She always made time when I needed her, and was a great sounding board for me during some of the more anxious times of the process.  Shine admissions is absolutely worth the investment.   - Max (Colorado Springs, CO)

Amy, Dartmouth Tuck MBA

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Amy, Dartmouth Tuck MBA Hillary was exactly what I was looking for in a consultant. As someone who was feeling discouraged by a previous GMAT attempt and unsure of my overall odds of getting into a top school, I cherished the honest yet positive input that Hillary brought into the mix. She was the one person who I felt was with me throughout the entire application process, from revamping my resume to editing essays and interview prep. She had an extremely effective way of pinpointing my relevant strengths and advising me on the best way to showcase them within my essays and applications overall. I truly feel that Hillary allowed me to put my best foot forward at every step along the way and I cannot imagine what it would have been like to try to apply to business schools without her help. Through the ups and downs of this crazy process, Hillary was my voice of reason and the first person I wanted to call with good news! - Amy (San Francisco, CA)

Resources for MBA applicants

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Resources for MBA applicants In addition to the insights that we provide through our blog, speaking engagements, and 1x1 MBA admissions consulting services, each year we always like to take stock of the additional resources that our clients found valuable in preparing their applications.  Whether you’re focused on nailing your GMAT or preparing for that final interview, here are some of our clients’ personal recommendations for future MBA candidates: GMAT Preparation Kaplan Manhattan GMAT Veritas Prep Princeton Review "The Official Guide to GMAT Review," by GMAC Beat The GMAT blog Admissions/School Insights Shine blog (Illuminations) School websites, admissions office blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, campus visits “How To Get Into The Top MBA Programs” by Richard Montauk “65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays,” by Dan Erck Beat The GMAT blog Business Week MBA articles GMAT Club “Calling All Applicants” threads Clear Admit blog Admissionado (formerly Precision Essay) newsletter blog Alumni/Student Conversations School admissions offices LinkedIn Interview Prep Shine blog (Illuminations) Clear Admit interview reports [For more information about preparatory resources or general MBA admissions consulting, please contact: ...

I’ve submitted my round one MBA applications, now what?

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I’ve submitted my round one MBA applications, now what? Congratulations!  If you’re one of the motivated few to get your business school applications in early, you may be wondering what to do with yourself next.  Here are a few suggestions: Apply to 2nd round schools You’ve already got great momentum from all of your hard work in the 1st round; why not continue moving forward?  Worst case scenario, you develop an additional set of applications and end up with the fantastic news that you’ve “wasted your time” because you were accepted to your 1st round schools.  Best case scenario, you use these next few months wisely to write outstanding applications and create options for yourself--rather than scrambling at the last minute, if 1st round decisions don’t go your way. Prepare for interviews You may not know yet whether you have been invited to interview at your 1st round schools, but once you are, those interview dates come up quickly.  A great use of your time would be to begin preparing your responses to the long list of commonly-asked questions—which can be found through independent research or by working with an MBA admissions consultant. Mock interviews are also great confidence-builders, whether conducted ...