Felipe, MIT Sloan MBA

June 09, 2016  |   Testimonials   |     |   0 Comment

Felipe, MIT Sloan MBA Working with Hillary has been a real pleasure. She was incredibly helpful in keeping track of deliverables and deadlines, she knew my history and profile upside down, and she always made sure that I delivered the right message with the right content, highlighting the most relevant factors of my application from a b-school admission’s perspective. Hillary’s intimate knowledge of the business school application process was the key to my success – she truly is a top-tier consultant! - Felipe (Mexico City, Mexico)

Simon, MIT Sloan MBA

May 11, 2016  |   Testimonials   |     |   0 Comment

Simon, MIT Sloan MBA Working with Shine is like taking one of those B-School Personal Development classes combined with a Sales & Marketing course. Hillary really helped me 1) understand who I am as an individual, 2) portray the best aspects of that individuality.  Thanks for going above and beyond! - Simon (San Francisco, CA)

Mio, MIT Sloan MBA

July 05, 2011  |   Testimonials   |     |   0 Comment

Mio, MIT Sloan MBA Hillary’s commitment to the quality of the output was sincere. Especially when reviewing my resume, she taught me how to envision who I am and how I came here on a piece of paper. As for essays, she wouldn’t pass off any points where I could better demonstrate my personal brand. She also provided ample knowledge regarding my career goals and school choices. Her candid feedback and appropriate questioning helped me to reflect what I want to achieve in my career and stay true to my voice. I was very fortunate to work with Shine and be admitted to my first choice school, MIT Sloan. Thank you Hillary for all your support! - Mio (Princeton, NJ)