YM, Stanford MBA

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YM, Stanford MBA Shine came highly recommended from a dear MBA friend who had gotten into both HBS and Stanford. Hillary was particularly helpful during the early stages of my applications as I struggled to imagine how the different pieces of my application would coalesce to paint the picture of a well-rounded, living and breathing human-being with authentic dreams and aspirations, rather than one of a generic applicant. I am grateful to have come across her in my life. - YM (London, England)

Samantha, Stanford MBA

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Samantha, Stanford MBA It was such a blast working with Hillary. She was extremely organized throughout the process, which helped to guide me to stay on top of each step during the application process, despite my crazy work schedule. Her openness and constructive feedback also allowed me to put together an application that’s true to myself, yet constantly be challenged and pushed to reach the next level. - Samantha (San Mateo, CA)

Insights from the 2013 MBA admissions conference

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Insights from the 2013 MBA admissions conference After attending our annual AIGAC MBA admissions conference in Philly—and tweeting up a storm—I stand before you armed with insights directly from the mouths of the admissions directors who’ll be reading your future applications. In attendance were Wharton, Columbia, Tuck, NYU Stern, Yale, Cornell Johnson, Texas McCombs, UNC and others—as well as representatives from GMAC, test prep companies big and small, and fellow AIGAC consultants deliberating the hot issues of today’s admissions process. Here are a few of the highlights: We first dissected AIGAC’s annual applicant survey results, administered by Huron Consulting Group and completed by this past year’s applicant pool.  Among the takeaways:  respondents spent 70-110 hours on their applications (plus another 21-30 hours on GMAT prep)!  50% scored a 700+ on the GMAT.  And 57% used an admissions consultant last year—99% of whom would recommend that future applicants do the same. Of strong interest was the issue of candidates being asked to write their own recommendations—a definite admissions mistake.  (Our recent post “Securing the strongest MBA recommendations” tells you why, and offers our advice).  38% of survey respondents faced this very ethical dilemma last year.  Be on the lookout for ...

Networking and the MBA admissions process

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Networking and the MBA admissions process Does networking with the staff, students or alumni of your target business schools help you in the admissions process?   The answer is, it depends why you’re networking. If you’re interested in meeting school affiliates to help sway the admissions committee, you’re likely wasting your time.  Derrick Bolton, assistant dean and director of Stanford GSB Admissions, has indicated that those types of unofficial recommendations really hold no weight.  Given the many thousands of alumni they have, if every one of them reached out to the admissions office to “put in a good word” for a candidate… Let’s just say we wouldn’t encourage the practice. So how can networking with members of the school community benefit you?  By giving you insight and information that you can use in your application.  What better way to understand the culture of an MBA program than to talk with its current students.  If you’re interested in a professional club on campus, its president would be a great resource to help you understand the type of programming the club offers and the ways you could get involved.  Talking with local alumni can give you a great sense of a school’s ...

Erin, Stanford MBA

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Erin, Stanford MBA Hillary's expertise as a marketer coupled with her knowledge of  business school admissions makes her an excellent adviser in the challenging MBA application process. She is excellent at identifying areas within an applicant's essays that can be positioned to appeal to the top schools' adcomms with additional detail and nuance. Hillary is patient, trustworthy and devoted to helping people get into the schools of their dreams. Thanks, Hillary for helping me get into every school I applied to! - Erin (Denver, CO)