Eric, Virginia Darden JD/MBA

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Eric, Virginia Darden JD/MBA Hillary Schubach is the most qualified person to consult with on your application process. Not only has she already walked the talk, getting into the best MBA programs, but she has also helped countless candidates get admitted into top programs. She has outstanding admissions advice, does an exceptional job answering career related questions, and helps you understand everything you can gain from an MBA. You may think that the rate is expensive, I did, but considering the payback of a $77K scholarship and admission into my dream schools, this is a small price to pay. Hillary will take your time very seriously and make sure that every penny counts. Her teaching methods and advice will stay with you throughout each application, even if you cannot consult with her on each one. If you are serious about getting into the finest program you can, Hillary is the best person to work with. - Eric (Denver, CO)

Meghan, UVA Darden MBA

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Meghan, UVA Darden MBA I could not be happier that I chose to work with Shine. I decided to use a consultant because I was applying to business schools while working full time, and I knew that having an additional set of eyes on my work would save me some stress. However, my experience with Shine was much fuller; Hillary helped me take my applications to the next level and maximize my potential. Having someone as experienced and professional as Hillary on my team was a godsend, and I know that my applications were much stronger because of Hillary’s guidance and feedback. - Meghan (New York, NY)

Katherine, UVA Darden MBA

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Katherine, UVA Darden MBA Hillary was a wonderful resource during the entire application process. She has an extensive knowledge and understanding of the top MBA programs, and with her input, I was able to create a list of target schools that met my needs. During the application process, Hillary helped me discover my “personal brand” enabling me to stand out among the other candidates. In addition helping me perfect my essays and resume, Hillary provided the encouragement and support I needed to navigate the process. I would highly recommended Hillary and Shine/ MBA Admissions Consulting to anyone thinking about business school. - Katherine (Denver, CO)