Andre, Wharton MBA

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Andre, Wharton MBA The best investment I made for my business school application process success was hiring Shine to help me get into Wharton, my dream school. The experience and attention to detail throughout the resume and essay reviews definitely made my application stand out. Also, specific guidance I received on my Wharton group interview pitch really shows the breadth and depth of the company’s knowledge of the process. - Andre (Los Angeles, CA)

Nick, Penn Wharton MBA / Harvard Kennedy School MPP

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Nick, Penn Wharton MBA / Harvard Kennedy School MPP Shine is hands-down the most helpful, in-depth, caring, and strategic service I can imagine to guide an applicant through the process. Hillary takes above-and-beyond steps to get to know every client so she can most effectively advise their goals and approach to each school. Additionally, her perspective for every application is smart and strategic, revealing nuances and ideas that applicants certainly haven’t thought of. Plus, Hillary also is so committed to each client and their happiness and success that she takes the additional steps of ensuring they can make the right decision if they are fortunate to be accepted to a school. For any friends or colleagues applying, I would say that using Shine is a must and should be considered as early on in the process as possible. - Nick (New York, NY)

Brian, Wharton MBA

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Brian, Wharton MBA Hillary was exceptional. She was passionate, professional, and truly supportive throughout the application process. I would highly recommend Hillary and the Shine team to any applicant looking to put his/her best foot forward. - Brian (New York, NY)

Jennifer, Penn Wharton JD/MBA

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Jennifer, Penn Wharton JD/MBA I researched and interviewed 15 MBA admissions consultants.  After extensive evaluation, I decided Shine would be the most diligent, dedicated and informed consultancy.  I was right. Hillary had a well-thought-out process, organized action plan, and targeted tools to drill down into why I was a top candidate for both JD and MBA programs, and how to convey these messages to admissions committees.  Where multiple other consultants told me I should lower my expectations and did not have a chance at top schools, Hillary took the time to get to know me, hear my story, and genuinely believed I deserved a spot at top schools.  She gave me the vote of confidence I needed to aim high.  Hillary stays close to graduate schools, and has a very nuanced and up-to-date understanding of the admissions process.  Her insights are invaluable.  She works on the entire application process and not just the essays. She also gave me as much time as I needed on the phone with her, in person, and via email.  I highly recommend Shine for anyone applying to top 10 schools or with a non-traditional background. - Jennifer (Beijing, China)

Christine, Wharton MBA

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Christine, Wharton MBA Working with Hillary helped me articulate and refine my personal brand so that I could use every component of the application to convey not only my experience and accomplishments, but also my personality. Hillary gave me candid and thoughtful feedback and encouraged me to be self-reflective and authentic in putting together my applications. I cannot recommend her enough! - Christine (Washington, DC)

Matt, Wharton MBA

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Matt, Wharton MBA Hillary was extremely helpful during my MBA application process, which ended in my enrollment at Wharton. Her materials spurred my idea-generation for essays, and her clear checklists gave me structure during the sometimes messy application process. Her personal touch during calls/over email made her a pleasure to work with and helped me keep my sanity before interviews/decision days! I highly recommend Shine to anyone getting ready to dive into the application process. - Matt (New York, NY)  

Insights from the 2013 MBA admissions conference

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Insights from the 2013 MBA admissions conference After attending our annual AIGAC MBA admissions conference in Philly—and tweeting up a storm—I stand before you armed with insights directly from the mouths of the admissions directors who’ll be reading your future applications. In attendance were Wharton, Columbia, Tuck, NYU Stern, Yale, Cornell Johnson, Texas McCombs, UNC and others—as well as representatives from GMAC, test prep companies big and small, and fellow AIGAC consultants deliberating the hot issues of today’s admissions process. Here are a few of the highlights: We first dissected AIGAC’s annual applicant survey results, administered by Huron Consulting Group and completed by this past year’s applicant pool.  Among the takeaways:  respondents spent 70-110 hours on their applications (plus another 21-30 hours on GMAT prep)!  50% scored a 700+ on the GMAT.  And 57% used an admissions consultant last year—99% of whom would recommend that future applicants do the same. Of strong interest was the issue of candidates being asked to write their own recommendations—a definite admissions mistake.  (Our recent post “Securing the strongest MBA recommendations” tells you why, and offers our advice).  38% of survey respondents faced this very ethical dilemma last year.  Be on the lookout for ...

Aki, Wharton MBA

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Aki, Wharton MBA Hillary really helped me through out the process and her advice was very comprehensive and critical. I wouldn’t have been able to get into the school that I got in without having her help. She supported me in many ways – she not only helped me about just business school process but also she provided an opportunity to think about my life and career. -  Aki (New York, NY)

Pilar, Wharton MBA

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Pilar, Wharton MBA I approached Shine after they came highly recommended by my employer. I was one of those applicants that did not know exactly what I was looking for and where I should apply. I asked Hillary to help me put together some ideas of schools given my interests and to help me formulate my "story."  Hillary provided some wonderful insight and was actually the one to suggest applying to Wharton, where I will begin this fall.  She not only helped me put together my resume but also a fabulous outline of the various qualities, traits, and experiences she thought I should focus on. Hillary takes a sincere interest in all of her clients and works to help each and every one of them in a personal and professional manner. I am so thankful to have found Shine. - Pilar (Dallas, TX)

Dan, Wharton MBA

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Dan, Wharton MBA From the moment I began speaking with Hillary, I knew I was in the hands of someone who really cared about my admissions process. She worked feverishly to get back to me in a timely fashion and always made me feel like I was her number one priority. When working with me on my resume, she really helped to spark my thinking as far as what was needed in each section and what message I wanted to get across to the school I was applying to. I strongly recommend Hillary's assistance in any part of the process as she is someone with great experience, very likable, and extremely professional. - Dan (New York, NY)

Steve, Wharton Lauder MBA/MA

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Steve, Wharton Lauder MBA/MA Hillary was most helpful in constructing my 'personal brand' and conveying that concisely in my essays. In working with her, I was able to portray myself, reasons for applying to business school, and post-business school goals more clearly. - Steve (Boulder, CO)

Caryn, Wharton MBA

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Caryn, Wharton MBA Hillary's personal success with business school and her commitment to assisting others is a great combination for driving success for MBA candidates. - Caryn (New York, NY)

Maurice, Wharton MBA

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Maurice, Wharton MBA Hillary played a critical role in the formulation of my business school essays. She brought challenge in multiple areas: the thought process, the overall flow and messaging, even the sentence formulation. We had several sessions (by phone from South America!) and the help was tremendous. It is clear that Hillary's help really moved the dial on the final output. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for structured, detailed support. - Maurice (Buenos Aires, Argentina)