Kelly, Kellogg MBA

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Kelly, Kellogg MBA I’m so glad I found Hillary! She was an extremely valuable resource and so supportive throughout my business school application process. Hillary will invest in your success and push you hard to craft and refine your applications in order to tell the most compelling stories. With Hillary’s feedback and guidance, I ended up at the perfect program for me. - Kelly (Denver, CO)

Sara, Kellogg MBA

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Sara, Kellogg MBA My dreams of attending Kellogg would not have been possible without the help of Hillary and Shine. Throughout the course of the application process, I really felt like Hillary truly got to know me and helped guide me to submit the strongest applications possible. Hillary also acted as a wonderful sounding board and cheerleader. I am so thankful I chose to work with Shine and so grateful for their support! -Sara (San Francisco, CA)

Pablo, Kellogg MBA

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Pablo, Kellogg MBA Hillary Schubach from Shine was extremely helpful in my application process. We developed a strategy for each school I applied to, we worked on my resume and we put together a great set of essays. I was accepted in all the schools I applied to and it was thanks to Hillary’s help and guidance. - Pablo (Monterrey, Mexico)  

Megan, Kellogg MBA

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Megan, Kellogg MBA I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience working with Shine. As someone looking to change career paths, she was immensely helpful in getting me to think about my past experiences and pulling out the most critical pieces to create a complete story about why I was a perfect MBA candidate for my list of schools. After getting engaged over Thanksgiving and putting off my essay drafts longer than I had planned, Hillary was nothing but understanding and put her all into editing my essays and turning them around in time for my deadlines, while doing the same for her many other students. When I was accepted to Kellogg, she was the first person I contacted, as she had been such a part of my application experience and was just as excited for me as I was. I have already referred her to my friends and will continue to do so! Thank you so much, Hillary! - Megan (Chicago, IL)

Anuj, Kellogg MBA

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Anuj, Kellogg MBA The biggest challenge while working on my business school applications was managing it along with a grueling work schedule. Hillary not only helped me build a strong case by highlighting aspects in my career most relevant to a particular school/essay but also helped me stay focused through the long and tedious process.  She is also more than willing to go the extra mile to make sure the essays are as perfect as possible and is was very accessible though phone or email.  I would highly recommend Shine/ MBA Admissions Consulting if you are looking for help writing polished B-School essays. - Anuj (Chicago, IL)

Katie, Kellogg MBA

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Katie, Kellogg MBA The team at Shine was integral to my admission offer to my dream program at Kellogg. I came to Shine after retaking the GMAT, but still feeling insecure about my competitive position. Coming from an non-traditional background with 10+ years of work experience I wasn’t sure how schools would consider my application. Hillary helped me to organize my application as a package that brought out my strengths in areas I considered weaknesses. She also encouraged me to look to schools that I had considered out of my reach, such as Kellogg. Tactically, the resume review and editing services were extremely helpful and the essay brainstorming and editing process was critical to my success. When I got off the phone from the Admissions Officer at Kellogg after receiving my offer of admission, the first and only thing I could think to do was text Hillary to say “Holy s*$^! I got in to Kellogg!!!” - Katie (Denver, CO)

Stephen, Kellogg MBA

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Stephen, Kellogg MBA Hillary was immeasurably beneficial to my applications for business school.  From my initial contact with her, she was professional, courteous, and truly excited about helping me improve my entire application, from the development of appropriate stories and explanations to the end result of writing highly effective application essays.  At first, I wasn't sure whether a consultant could be helpful to me, but soon after having Hillary review my ideas and early drafts I realized how much stronger my applications were becoming with her guidance.  She challenged me to "show her, not tell her" what I had done in my career and personal endeavors, which made my essays exciting to read and more representative of my accomplishments. She was an extremely clear communicator to me, and never let me slip a lazy sentence or boring idea past her.  With limited words with which to construct top business school essays, there is neither room for ambiguous claims nor unsubstantiated reasoning, and Hillary would immediately point out where I had made these mistakes and encourage me to push harder and to get the most positive impact from every word I put onto paper. Perhaps most helpful was her ability to guide me toward making my application ...

Courtney, Kellogg MBA

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Courtney, Kellogg MBA The application process gets intense.  Hillary kept me focused and enabled me to feel genuinely relieved versus anxious when I pressed submit. Hillary not only helped me uncover the pieces of my background that made me a unique candidate, but also  how to use each essay to highlight those aspects of my life and experiences. - Courtney (Denver, CO)

Andy, Kellogg MBA

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Andy, Kellogg MBA Hillary's overall advice and detailed editing were absolutely vital in helping me to produce quality essays that I believe were a significant reason why I was able to get into my top choice for business school (Kellogg).  Even with her extremely busy schedule, Hillary still found time to give me detailed feedback on my work, and we had numerous discussions where I felt she had by far the best knowledge and perspective of the application process versus some of my other contacts that I used to help me with the process.  She truly understood the rigor/process that it took to write a strong set of essays and I highly recommend her help for aspiring business school applicants. - Andy (Washington, DC)