Holden, Kellogg MBA

Hillary is a wonderful human being who is very knowledgeable about the MBA space. I used a different MBA consultancy last year and interviewed ~10 before settling on Hillary this year. She gives unparalleled attention, thought, and care in her answers and her work. In a decision that lasts a lifetime, I am glad I invested my money and time with Hillary to give my dream schools the best shot I had and “leave it all on the field.” I would recommend Hillary to anybody who is looking to get the “insider baseball” of what specific schools are looking for.

(Charleston, SC)

Roya, Wharton MBA

Hillary truly invests time up front to get to know her clients and has a strong vision for what they bring to the table. She’s compassionate and encouraging every step of the way.

(Los Angeles, CA)

Jordan, Berkeley Haas MBA

I am very thankful for my experience working with Hillary and the Shine team. The admissions process is a massive undertaking, so having a partner to help guide me from start to finish was invaluable. Looking back on my first drafts – “why MBA,” resume, essay outlines, etc. – vs. what I submitted is a night-and-day difference. But most importantly, Hillary genuinely wanted the best for me and brought a positive, constructive attitude every day

(San Francisco, CA)

Tess, Berkeley Haas MBA

Shine is an amazing consultancy for those interested in getting their MBA. They are as hands-on or hands-off as you want – whether you want the essay torn to shreds or just a quick review. They can help with test prep/tutors if you need and then take you from resume to applying to interviewing. They are timely, efficient, and amazing at communicating. They create a timeline with you from day 1 and work on your story and path. I could not have asked for a better experience. Hillary, specifically, is an amazing person and so joyful and kind – she got me through the hardest days.

San Francisco, CA

Rucha, Duke Fuqua MBA

I am thankful for my incredible experience working with Shine. Hillary and her team’s dedication and personalized approach were instrumental in my acceptance into Duke. The team took the time to understand my unique background and story, and provided constructive feedback to improve my essays and get them ready for submission. Thank you to Shine!

(New York, NY)

Asher, Yale SOM MBA

Hillary is a resume wizard! Lots of work with her resulted in something I was really proud of. Her and her team know what these schools are looking for and help you curate your applications and essays accordingly.

(Brooklyn, NY)

Brenda, MIT Sloan MBA

The team was amazing to work with! They truly care about you and treat you as a friend, rather than a number. Hillary always made herself available, even during the crazy weeks before deadlines. She really spent the time to get to know me as a person and identified the strengths in my background. Most importantly, she gave me the confidence to keep going after hitting a few bumps at the beginning. Thank you Hillary and Kathryn!!

(Washington, DC)

Claire, Chicago Law JD

Shine Consulting exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Hillary and Kathryn’s unparalleled expertise, guidance, and positivity transformed my law school application and decision process into an amazing experience. What truly set Shine Consulting apart was the personalized attention and dedication Hillary and Kathryn demonstrated toward understanding both my personal and professional goals. Through doing so, Hillary helped me showcase my true potential in every facet of the application process, including crafting a strong resume and personal statement as well as excelling in interviews. Thanks to Hillary and her amazing team, I confidently presented my best self to admission committees, ultimately paving the way for my success in securing acceptance to my top choices! Thank you Hillary and the Shine team!

(Atlanta, GA)

Orsi, Duke Fuqua MBA

Hillary was great to work with. She was the best cheerleader during a hectic application process. She was extremely knowledgeable about the schools, kept me organized throughout the process, and helped me dig deep to compose a unique application. With her support, I not only got into all five schools I applied to but received generous scholarship offers from most.

(Seattle, WA)

Jack, London MBA

Shine was an invaluable resource in getting me into my three top preferences! Their expertise and knowledge kept me on track and efficient throughout the application process. A huge success!

(Sydney, Australia)

Alexandra, Wharton MBA

I couldn’t have done this without you all!!!! I was extremely proud of my essays and applications, thanks to your expertise and skill. Your reassurance and confidence boosts along the way, balanced with your objective tips and nudges, were exactly what I needed to get through this process sanely and optimize my applications.

(Fresno, CA)

Sharvani, Wharton Lauder MBA/MA

Shine Admissions took my business school essays and resume to the next level with their detailed suggestions, edits, and advice. Hillary was also super responsive and attentive to any questions I had for her and helped me talk through the right decision at crucial points in the application process. Thanks so much Hillary and Shine!

(Richmond, VA)

Matthew, Michigan Ross MBA

The team at Shine excels at polishing the unrepeatable parts of your personal story. The close 1-on-1 advice and constant feedback from the team to help recount my professional journey in a compelling way was irreplaceable in my success. From framing my career growth in resumes and short answers, to drawing a clear line from my life experiences to my post-MBA goals, I felt empowered and supported by Shine every step of the way. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the noise in the application process, I can’t recommend them enough!

(Houston, TX)

Benjamin, MIT Sloan MBA

When I first met with Hillary and Shine I knew they would add value to my applications, but I couldn’t imagine just how helpful they truly would be. From personal branding, to digging through my past to find stories that best fit with my application, Hillary and team encompassed me to improve all areas of my application. I cannot recommend Shine enough and will be referring current coworkers and previous peers to Hillary so they can accomplish their goals like I did.

(Minneapolis, MN)

McKenna, Stanford MBA

I knew going into the application process that I wanted to work with someone who could provide ultra-personal recommendations based on my unique history and goals as well as professional, insider advice. That is exactly what I got, and I would make the same decision to work with Shine over and over again. If you’re thinking about it, just do it – I guarantee it will be worth every penny.

(Santa Monica, CA)

Fletcher, Chicago Booth MBA

Hillary was fantastic to work with. She was flexible, encouraging, and provided the critical feedback necessary to improve in an approachable way. She was a key factor in my admission with scholarship to Chicago Booth’s MBA program!

(Durham, NC)

Linda, Stanford MBA

Despite deferring my application for years, Hillary always stayed in touch and continuously encouraged me to apply. She gave the confidence to believe that the impossible was indeed possible and I am so glad to have had Shine Admissions on my side when I finally did apply!


Hillary is truly one of a kind – an invaluable mentor, a cheerleader and now friend! Right from the start, she was patient and took time to really get to know me and the things I cared about. As an applicant that struggled to succinctly articulate the several things I had done previously, Hillary constantly challenged me to dig deep why I did what I did: she helped me find my “voice” and craft my unique story. She was incredibly thorough and provided meaningful feedback. She did a great job helping think through strengths/ accomplishments, and weaknesses, and knew exactly how to make sure these were reflected in each part of the application. Her mastery of each MBA program was also impeccable. She knew what each school was looking for and ensured these came out strongly in all elements of my application from my resume to essays to interviews.


My final applications were truly an absolute work of art, and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve such work without all her support and guidance. Thank you very much, Hillary! Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Shine to anyone applying to business school.


(Nairobi, Kenya)

Peter, Harvard Kennedy MPA

Hillary set herself out from the crowd by taking time to speak to me, understand my requirements, and tailor her support to provide advice on my prepared essays. She was an encouraging, positive, and reassuring contact throughout the application process. I would not hesitate to work with Hillary again.

– St. Peter’s, Montserrat

Eleanor, UCLA Anderson MBA

Having been over 7 years since completing undergrad applications, I was a little lost when it came to the application process. Hillary and her team set me up for success from the beginning. Not only did they provide valuable insights into the admissions process, but they also helped me with materials, such as my resume and career story/goals, that I will use and build upon for years to come. Looking back on my MBA admissions experience, working with Shine was the best decision I could have made.


(Washington, DC)

Nikita, Michigan Ross MBA

For someone without a broad MBA network, it was amazing to work with Hillary! Within a few months, she helped me choose which programs best fit my needs and tailor my unique essays and resume. Hillary’s overwhelming positivity helped me stay motivated throughout! With my articulated story and goals, I walked into every interview confident in what I brought to each MBA program. I would highly recommend Hillary to anyone planning to apply to business school!


(Philadelphia, PA)

Nora, Texas McCombs MBA

Shine Consulting helped take my essays for my dream school to a whole new level. Couldn’t imagine having completed 5 applications in round 1 without their help!

(Cleveland, OH)

Drew, Columbia MBA

Hillary, Sam and the Shine team were outstanding resources during my MBA admissions process. Their support and insight helped me put my best foot forward in each of my applications. It was super valuable to have an experienced team on my side to navigate an otherwise complex and stressful admissions process – Hillary was always available to hop on the phone to talk through an essay prompt or prep for an interview . The Shine program was a great investment and I’m so glad I decided to work with them.

(San Francisco, CA)

Brad, Cornell Johnson MBA

For many, as it was for me, the MBA admissions process can be an overwhelming undertaking. Shine helped me helped me come to a greater understanding of the tasks along the road to acceptance, a greater understanding of myself, and a greater understanding of the value I can add in business school and beyond.

(Telluride, CO)

Ricardo, Columbia MBA

After doing my research looking for the best admissions consultant, both online and through personal references, I was given Hillary’s contact details. From our first intro call I already knew I had found the best fit for me, as having a direct personal contact with my admissions consultants was key for me. Ultimately, this proved to me instrumental in landing my MBA admission and I cannot thank her enough!

(Madrid, Spain)

Sherry, Wharton MBA

Working with Hillary and the Shine team really helped push me to the next level on my essays and applications. Hillary really works to understand you holistically and pull out unique experiences and strengths to weave together a complete and compelling story. I’m incredibly grateful that she never let me feel just content with any piece of my application and was always digging deeper, even until the last second!

(San Francisco, CA)

Vicki, Yale SOM MBA

Working with Hillary surpassed my expectations. She is so attentive and helps you with your entire application and ensures that her feedback and advice can be applied to almost all school applications. She really was able to hone in on the unique aspects of my application that I was able to emphasize.

(Washington, DC)

Anshula, Wharton MBA

The MBA application process can be especially daunting for international students, like myself. Hillary demystified this process for me – right from brainstorming my “story,” selecting schools, drafting essays and preparing for interviews. From day one, Hillary made it a point to get to know me. During our conversations, she made me question who I am as a person and what makes me who I am; these inherent questions helped me craft a differentiated and personalized “story.” Additionally, Hillary always provided very specific and targeted feedback on essay drafts which in-turn allowed me to build insightful essays. Hillary really knows what each school is looking for and helped me tailor my profile accordingly. I highly recommend her for anyone considering b-school!


(New York, NY)

Preston, Berkeley Haas MBA

I couldn’t have done this without Hillary. Her experience with the MBA admissions process, knack for getting me to tell my story, and unwavering positivity gave me the tools I needed to write a strong application that was a true reflection of who I am. Not only am I attending a great school, but I am also attending a school that is perfect for me both personally and professionally. Thank you!

(San Francisco, CA)

Tracy, UCLA Anderson MBA

Hillary gave me the confidence that I needed to craft and own my story. She’s tough and she’ll challenge you on all fronts (resume, application strategy, essay content, etc.), but she’s in your corner every step of the way. At the end, all of the hard work paid off when I was awarded a full-tuition merit fellowship! Calling Shine was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

(Washington, DC)

Lucy, Denver Morgridge MA (Counseling Psychology)

I actually graduated last June and I’m in the field currently. I was still able to get lots of practical experience and my internship ended up offering me a job! I got into DU with a scholarship and finished with a 3.8 GPA. I am confident that the essay I wrote through Shine pushed me to get in and helped me achieve my goals.

(Denver, CO)

Felipe, Harvard MBA

Hillary is simply fabulous! I can say with great confidence that without Hillary, my MBA application journey wouldn’t have been half as successful (or enjoyable) as it was. She understands the importance of finding your own unique voice, and at every opportunity – be it in mock interviews, resume reviews, essay editing, or even casual chats – she will push you to articulate your most meaningful life experiences in a way that is authentic, compelling, and reflective. She’s keenly aware of the subtle nuances between the top MBA programs (e.g., their core values, structure of curriculum, etc.) and will help you understand which elements of your personal and professional history will resonate the most with each individual admissions committee. Most of all, we had fun! Applying to business school is stressful, exhausting, and overwhelming… you might as well work with someone who will bring some joy and laughter into the process. I can’t recommend Shine enough! Thank you, Hillary!

(Los Angeles, CA)

Jeannie, Kellogg MBA

I highly recommend Hillary and her team for their amazing work! Hillary’s previous career in brand management coupled with her expertise in MBA admissions made her the ideal expert to guide me through this process. As a non-traditional applicant, Hillary took the time to understand my background and helped me position my experiences as unique differentiators which made a huge difference. She was able to help me redesign my resume, push me to think deeply on my essays and refine my career goals. I’m incredibly grateful to have acceptances to my top choices and scholarship awards which I consider a great return on investment for working with Shine.


Ethan, Stanford MBA

It has been a pleasure working with Shine during my application process. The personal branding sessions added tremendous value and helped me position myself with the brand that I wanted to present to the admission officers. The essays took a bit more time than expected, but I’m glad we finally made it, and I think it was worth all the pains and efforts. Mock interviews were beyond my expectations; Hillary successfully predicted multiple interview questions for both HBS and Stanford GSB!


(Shanghai, China)

Roxanna, Kellogg MBA

I got into the Kellogg Evening and Weekend program and am a few weeks in! I really think the email you helped me craft after getting on the waitlist made all of the difference, so I will be forever grateful for your help and support. Thank you so much again for sharing all of your insight along the way. It truly means so much and it is fellow alum like you that make me so grateful for our Duke Community. 💙

(Los Angeles, CA)

Tyler, SMU Cox MBA

Not only did Shine guide me step-by-step through the admissions process, but I was also fortunate to receive a merit-based full scholarship. I’m only two weeks into business school and we are being bombarded with the term “ROI” which I immediately associate with my relationship with Shine. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and work with Shine throughout the admissions process – I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without them!


(San Francisco, CA)

Michelle, Columbia MBA

Hillary was extremely helpful in helping me convey and quantify my work impact in my resume in the most effective and concise way possible. I’d initially cut out a lot of my extracurricular information given the space limit, but she made everything fit while not sacrificing content. Thank you Hillary!


(Los Angeles, CA)

Ali, UCLA Anderson MBA

Hillary is a marketing and branding wizard. After struggling with my previous round applications, I reached out to Hillary for guidance, and she was able to help me weave together my background, experiences, and future vision into a compelling, powerful narrative, which ultimately set me apart and allowed me to gain acceptance with a fellowship. She was delightful to work with and provided an invaluable insider’s perspective into admissions. Having her by my side throughout the process alleviated a great deal of stress in this application process, and played a major role in the success of my application.


(Los Angeles, CA)

Eli, Kellogg MBA

Hillary is one of a kind. She is an incredible cheerleader and has perfected the art of drawing insights out of candidates that they would never come up with themselves. She was instrumental in working with me through the application process; I would not have ended up at my dream school without her help.


(Portland, OR)

Lauren, Cornell Johnson MBA

Hillary helped me grow as an individual, see how much I had accomplished over the years, then present it effectively to the admissions committees. I felt more confident at work, about my progress towards business school admissions, and even when visiting schools, I was able to talk proudly about my achievements. In turn, I found that I was giving others helpful career advice that I picked up from Hillary. As Hillary says, applying to b-school is a great way to evaluate your life up until now, see what your skilled at, and what you can improve.

(New York, NY)

Collette, Wharton MBA

Hillary was an absolutely fantastic and invaluable consultant, mentor, coach, and now friend. She not only encouraged me to apply to the top MBA programs in the country, but also helped me find my voice, write my story, and gain acceptance into 5 of the 6 programs I applied to with scholarships. Hillary goes above and beyond her role as a consultant to understand her clients and constantly improve and enhance her knowledge on the various MBA programs, as well as career paths. She is patient, but also knows when to challenge her clients to rise to their potential, and I can certainly say I would not have been able to reach mine without her.

(Los Angeles, CA)

Jessica, Dartmouth Tuck MBA

I couldn’t have been happier working with Hillary as I was navigating the MBA application process. Her mastery of each MBA program, ability to help me identify and convey my goals in my applications, and willingness to provide honest and constructive feedback during mock interviews were extremely helpful and influential throughout the entire application process. Her consistent advice and guidance were integral to my becoming accepted to Tuck, Wharton, and Darden.

(New York, NY)

Kevin, Harvard MBA

I am extremely happy to have worked with Shine. I was a re-applicant candidate and (after not getting a single interview in my prior attempt) I got into two of the schools I re-applied to and was interviewed/waitlisted at the third. Hillary has immense experience with the admissions process and was able to clearly point out the weaknesses in my previous applications.  I also feel very privileged to have worked closely with her personally; she is very intelligent, creative and challenging in her approach. She makes you work hard but the final product is truly worth it. Additionally, the deep thinking she challenges you to do will help you learn a lot about yourself and how to present yourself to the world. Finally, as an African applicant, I was truly pleasantly surprised at the level at which she understood me individually, my background and the things I care about. I would enthusiastically encourage any international applicants to strongly consider working with her. Overall, I greatly enjoyed working with Hillary and I know that the investment paid off!

(Johannesburg, South Africa)


Arif, Texas McCombs MBA

Hillary and her team are professionals in every sense of the word. They guided me through every step of this process and made me a much more competitive applicant. Hillary comes from a marketing background, and she was amazing at helping me build my brand and craft my narrative to be the strongest candidate possible. She knows each individual school so well and gave me the resources and insight necessary to build the best action plan for each application. Her resume expertise was also evident, as she helped me take it apart and put it back together in a way that would have been nearly impossible to accomplish on my own. She knows this process inside and out, and it would be impossible to use her services and not be better off for it.


(San Francisco, CA)

Eric, Berkeley Haas MBA

Shine was incredibly helpful and insightful in translating a jumbled array of self-reflection and vague goals, into an actionable plan in an easy to understand manner. I walked away with a far better application and a better sense of self.

(San Francisco, CA)

Cheryl, Wharton MBA

Hillary worked with me on my waitlist materials for Stanford GSB. During this time, she also helped me put together a clear “plan B” course of action, in the event that the waitlist did not work out. She helped me to widen my range of MBA programs to apply to that would fit my needs and also helped me sharpen my story (not easy to do with a resume as varied as mine!). Hillary also was able to draw out compelling parts of my story/career that I would never have thought to include in an application, as well as helped me “cut through the noise” in my essays. In addition, Hillary is really wonderful to work with and her encouragement was instrumental in keeping me hopeful during a very long process. I am so grateful to Hillary for all of her help!

(San Francisco, CA)

Alexa, UCLA Anderson MBA

I am confident that the reason I got into my top choice school is thanks to Hillary’s guidance. She took the time to really get to know me and provided invaluable feedback on my applications. Hillary not only helped me craft the best resume and essays for my applications but is an extremely supportive counselor who continuously pushed me to take my applications to the next level and find ways to make me stand out against the competition. Hiring Shine and Hillary is hands-down, the best investment I made for my business school application process.

(New York, NY)


Shine has been much more than just a partner for me during my MBA application process. The structure and approach to the application process I was taken through allowed me to accurately identify and project what my strengths and differentiators were. I was particularly impressed how thorough Hillary was with my story and how well she understood my long term goals. I couldn’t have done it without Shine! Thank you so much.


Steve, Wharton Lauder MBA/MA

Hillary was most helpful in constructing my ‘personal brand’ and conveying that concisely in my essays. In working with her, I was able to portray myself, reasons for applying to business school, and post-business school goals more clearly.

(Boulder, CO)

Brittany, Duke Fuqua MBA

Hillary is a great resource and point person to start talking with about the business school process well in advance of actually submitting your application. I started working with her a little over a year before my applications and she pushed me to critically think about the choices I was making in my current career, what I wanted out of attending business school and how to get to there. The resume help was invaluable, as I hate putting those together!

(San Francisco, CA)

Will, Kellogg MBA

Shine was a huge help for me throughout the application process. I was accepted to my top choice school, and am thrilled with the outcome. Hillary really makes an effort to start from the basics–getting to know you, your experiences, your strengths and weaknesses–and will work tirelessly to craft your unique story and make you stand out. I have no idea if I would have had the same outcome without Shine’s help, but I am confident that it was worth the investment and hard work!

(San Francisco, CA)


Samantha, Stanford MBA

It was such a blast working with Hillary. She was extremely organized throughout the process, which helped to guide me to stay on top of each step during the application process, despite my crazy work schedule. Her openness and constructive feedback also allowed me to put together an application that’s true to myself, yet constantly be challenged and pushed to reach the next level.

(San Mateo, CA)

Anim, Kellogg MBA

Hillary was a life saver during my admissions process. I actually had another consultant that I was working with before I met Hillary and after the resume exercise I switched all my applications to Hillary because she was 10x better. Not only is she very knowledgeable about the schools and generous with her time, but she also pushes you to dig deeper on your essays and be truthful in your answers.

(Lancaster, CA)

David, Dartmouth Tuck MBA

I was very pleased with the service and advice I received from Shine consulting – and most importantly, the outcome! As any applicate knows, the process requires hard work, determination and self-reflection. Hillary’s biggest differentiator is that she take the time to get to know each of her clients and thus is able to help you articulate what makes you unique. Coming from a somewhat saturated background in financial services, Hillary’s highly personalized feedback and advice allowed me to define my edge and focus my application. Her expertise, organization (timelines, agendas, etc.) and encouragement were invaluable to me throughout the process. Advice that is worth the incremental investment!

(New York, NY)

Matt, Dartmouth Tuck MBA

Hillary was amazing throughout the application process. She did an incredible job of pushing me to think deeply about why an MBA is the right next step and subsequently craft a narrative to highlight this. My application truly wouldn’t have been the same without the help of Hillary and Shine. As an added benefit, I not only walked away from the process knowing more about myself and what drives me but also with a much better idea of to maximize my personal and professional growth over the next few years at Tuck. Thank you, Hillary!

(San Francisco, CA)

Joe, Duke Fuqua MBA

I really enjoyed working with Shine and Hillary. She took the time to get to know me and my goals and was able to help me identify the best schools for me and craft my best applications. I will be attending Fuqua, which was the perfect fit for me. However, without Hillary’s guidance and the nudge in the right direction after a tough first round I might have missed out on the school I believe to be the perfect fit for me. For anyone looking for guidance from someone who will be truly invested in your success, I’d highly recommend working with Shine.

(Boston, MA)

Ana María, Duke Fuqua MBA / Fulbright

I was really impressed with the results of my essays. You got to know me better than I did, and this helped me to put into writing what I was trying to say from the beginning. More importantly, you gave me the confidence to tackle a lot of obstacles and to continue on despite really difficult situations. You always answered my every question or doubt about the process. 

(Mexico City, Mexico)

James, Michigan Ross MBA

I had a really positive experience working with Shine on my resume.  It’s easy to get so caught up with the essays during the application process that sometimes the resume can fall through the cracks.  Hillary helped me build an incredibly effective summary of my accomplishments that I will be able to use beyond the MBA application process.  I highly recommend her services!


(Denver, CO)

Assiatu, Wharton MBA

I looked into utilizing several firms before deciding to use Shine. After working with Shine, I can say with certainty that I made the best decision. Hillary gave me practical and effective advice on crafting my applications. She was always responsive, professional and timely in her communications, and made sure I put my best foot forward throughout the process. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Shine to anyone applying to business school.

(London, England)

Brendan, UCLA Anderson MBA

Hillary’s insights and guidance were immensely helpful to me in navigating the MBA application process.  Her feedback was always timely and thoughtful, and I knew throughout the process that I could turn to Hillary for expert advice on just about any application-related topic.  Hillary helped me refine my meandering “story” into a clear and compelling narrative that better articulated my reasons for pursuing an MBA.  I’m incredibly thankful for all of Hillary’s help, and I know that without it I would not have been as strong of an applicant.  Thank you, Hillary!

(San Francisco, CA)

Sara, Wharton MBA

Hillary is amazing and I’d recommend her to any business school applicant. Not only did Hillary transform my resume and application essay, she also built my confidence for interviews and pushed me to think from additional perspectives I wouldn’t have considered. Hillary takes the time to truly get to know each client and provide holistic, personal feedback. Throughout the entire process, I appreciated Hillary’s transparency and time tracker.

(San Francisco, CA)

Kelly, Kellogg MBA

I’m so glad I found Hillary! She was an extremely valuable resource and so supportive throughout my business school application process. Hillary will invest in your success and push you hard to craft and refine your applications in order to tell the most compelling stories. With Hillary’s feedback and guidance, I ended up at the perfect program for me.

(Denver, CO)

Nicole, MIT Sloan MBA

I applied to a whopping 7 schools and worked with Shine on 2 of them. Because the MBA application process is demanding and unpredictable, I sought a trusted partner to think through application strategy, test prep, essays, etc. with me. Although the financial investment is significant, I knew that I only wanted to go through this process once and do it right – without any regrets or what-ifs. I interviewed several MBA consultants and chose to work with Hillary, who a friend recommended, because of her willingness to put in meaningful time with me and her unrelenting commitment to my success.

Even beyond her amazing guidance on my applicants, I found that she gave me an unexpected gift: confidence. I applied to schools that I thought were beyond my reach and will ultimately attend one! Despite a just-ok test score, I was invited to interview at 6 of the 7 schools and was accepted to 4 of them (with a scholarship). The foundation she set for me on 2 school applications helped me create strong applications for the other 5 schools. I am absolutely overjoyed with the results. Thank you, Hillary!

(San Francisco, CA)

Dan, Berkeley Haas MBA

Hillary took me from a candidate skeptical of MBA programs in general, to one who couldn’t be more excited about his next step at Haas, or his career plans thereafter. Working with Hillary did more for me than just help me get into a great program, it also helped me crystalize what it is I want to do with my career, and how best to achieve my goals.

(San Francisco, CA)

Sara, Kellogg MBA

My dreams of attending Kellogg would not have been possible without the help of Hillary and Shine. Throughout the course of the application process, I really felt like Hillary truly got to know me and helped guide me to submit the strongest applications possible. Hillary also acted as a wonderful sounding board and cheerleader. I am so thankful I chose to work with Shine and so grateful for their support!

(San Francisco, CA)

Lisa, Yale MBA

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started applying for business school! Thankfully a co-worker told me about Shine. Hillary guided me in tailoring my “why I want to go to business school” into a clear and focused message before I put one word on an application. She was honest and realistic when my first GMAT score didn’t come in where I was hoping, and provided solutions for how I could improve my score to be a realistic contender for the schools I was considering. Despite having a very busy client schedule, she always made time for either her or Sonia to proofread my essays or answer any questions I had throughout the process. They were instrumental in making sure my essays conveyed the message I wanted to get across that would also reflect my best self (without overtly bragging!). They also provided school-specific resources that helped me prepare for interviews at each program. As a result, I got in to my first choice, top 10 business school with a full tuition scholarship! I’m confident this result was due to my work with Shine. I could not be happier with the outcome!

(Bentonville, AR)

Andre, Wharton MBA

The best investment I made for my business school application process success was hiring Shine to help me get into Wharton, my dream school. The experience and attention to detail throughout the resume and essay reviews definitely made my application stand out. Also, specific guidance I received on my Wharton group interview pitch really shows the breadth and depth of the company’s knowledge of the process.

(Los Angeles, CA)

Nick, Wharton MBA / Harvard Kennedy MPP

Shine is hands-down the most helpful, in-depth, caring, and strategic service I can imagine to guide an applicant through the process. Hillary takes above-and-beyond steps to get to know every client so she can most effectively advise their goals and approach to each school. Additionally, her perspective for every application is smart and strategic, revealing nuances and ideas that applicants certainly haven’t thought of. Plus, Hillary also is so committed to each client and their happiness and success that she takes the additional steps of ensuring they can make the right decision if they are fortunate to be accepted to a school. For any friends or colleagues applying, I would say that using Shine is a must and should be considered as early on in the process as possible.

(New York, NY)

Daniel, Chicago Booth MBA

Working with Shine was a stellar decision. I came from a STEM background rather than a business one. Hillary enhanced my chances of getting into school by getting to know me and by helping me build a story that led me to seek an MBA. While I would have been the same person with our without Shine, I certainly would not have produced the high-quality, concise application that gave me an opportunity at a top school. She gave me critical feedback and challenged me to show the best version of me that I could. I could not have asked for more out of an MBA consultant.

(Denver, CO)

Sonya, UCLA Anderson MBA

I absolutely could not have gotten through the admissions process without Hillary. She gave me incredibly thoughtful, meaningful feedback every step of the way; her guidance gave me the confidence to apply to reach schools I wouldn’t have considered on my own. The personal attention you get with someone at her level of expertise really sets her apart from other agencies, and I would recommend her with great confidence to anyone starting the daunting journey of applying for MBA programs.

(Los Angeles, CA)

Griffin, UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA

Hillary makes you think more about yourself than any other application process you’ve been through. Her organization and client materials were instrumental in helping me get into my number one choice b-school. Thank you Hillary for all of your help!

(San Francisco, CA)

April, Vanderbilt Owen MBA

For me, the application process was stressful and incredibly defeating. I have a non-traditional background compounded with a less-than-stellar GMAT. However, Hillary encouraged me to press forward with her unrelenting positivity and unwavering support. At my breaking point, she believed in me unconditionally. She gave me the courage to try again, and in those kind phone calls may have changed my life forever.

Hillary, you turned out to be exactly what I never knew I needed! Thank you so much for being there. Your support has meant so much to me over the course of this long year.

(Casper, WY)

YM, Stanford MBA

Shine came highly recommended from a dear MBA friend who had gotten into both HBS and Stanford. Hillary was particularly helpful during the early stages of my applications as I struggled to imagine how the different pieces of my application would coalesce to paint the picture of a well-rounded, living and breathing human-being with authentic dreams and aspirations, rather than one of a generic applicant. I am grateful to have come across her in my life.

(London, England)

Felipe, MIT Sloan MBA

Working with Hillary has been a real pleasure. She was incredibly helpful in keeping track of deliverables and deadlines, she knew my history and profile upside down, and she always made sure that I delivered the right message with the right content, highlighting the most relevant factors of my application from a b-school admission’s perspective. Hillary’s intimate knowledge of the business school application process was the key to my success – she truly is a top-tier consultant!

(Mexico City, Mexico)

Jack, Cornell Johnson EMBA

Hillary and her team were incredibly helpful during the application process. From the very beginning, Hillary spent the time to really get to know me and understand my story and future goals. Her energetic, positive attitude gave me the confidence to apply to top schools. Hillary added value at every turn including strengthening my resume, helping me think through essay topics, correcting grammatical errors, and holding mock interviews. I am confident that my final applications were infinitely stronger than they would have been without Hillary’s guidance and support. I highly recommend Shine for anyone applying to business school.

(New York, NY)

Jennifer, Penn Wharton JD/MBA

I researched and interviewed 15 MBA admissions consultants.  After extensive evaluation, I decided Shine would be the most diligent, dedicated and informed consultancy.  I was right. Hillary had a well-thought-out process, organized action plan, and targeted tools to drill down into why I was a top candidate for both JD and MBA programs, and how to convey these messages to admissions committees.  Where multiple other consultants told me I should lower my expectations and did not have a chance at top schools, Hillary took the time to get to know me, hear my story, and genuinely believed I deserved a spot at top schools.  She gave me the vote of confidence I needed to aim high.  Hillary stays close to graduate schools, and has a very nuanced and up-to-date understanding of the admissions process.  Her insights are invaluable.  She works on the entire application process and not just the essays. She also gave me as much time as I needed on the phone with her, in person, and via email.  I highly recommend Shine for anyone applying to top 10 schools or with a non-traditional background.

(Beijing, China)

David, Columbia Law JD

Hillary and the Shine team were one of the best bets I made in this admissions cycle. Hillary was honest and appropriately forceful at the start, in helping me nail down a career plan that felt genuine to who I am, and compelling to MBA programs. She then meticulously went through my essays and data forms with the eyes of a hawk. Hillary was kind, considerate, and compassionate throughout. She also pushed me to consider schools and programs that were not initially on my radar and that ended up feeling like great fits! I’d enthusiastically recommend Hillary and Shine to anyone considering applying!

(Washington, DC)

Brian, Wharton MBA

Hillary was exceptional. She was passionate, professional, and truly supportive throughout the application process. I would highly recommend Hillary and the Shine team to any applicant looking to put his/her best foot forward.

(New York, NY)

Sofia, UCLA Anderson MBA

Hillary was so helpful to me throughout the process. She kept me on track and moving my resume and applications along. Without her, I never would have gotten my applications in in the first round. Additionally, her guidance and constructive edits on the essays were the reason that I got into the schools I did. She pushed me to really dig deep and tell the best story I could. Thank you so much, Hillary.

(Los Angeles, CA)

Shijia, UC Irvine Merage PhD (Accounting)

Without Hillary’s help, my PhD dream could not come true! Thanks, Hillary!

Before started working with Shine, I totally had no clue how should I set up my timeline and proceed with my applications, especially for my resume and SOPs (Statements of Purpose). My previous resume was a mess. It is Hillary who encouraged me to think about my relevant life experience that will benefit my application. She also used her excellent marketing strategy to help me sell my strengths. The same thing for my SOPs; she could always come up with constructive advice/comments from the outline to every draft. The feedback and suggestions she gave me were from the perspective of an admission officer, which is significantly important and something I definitely couldn’t get on my own. She also helped me a lot on my language (since I’m a foreign student, she spent a lot time on my grammar, writing style, tone and other writing issues, and still made sure it’s in my voice).

Another thing is Hillary is a really well-organized person. She keeps everything organized and clear, which makes it easy and efficient to work with her. She’s also a super enthusiastic person. She loves to hear my stories and know my personality, then help me build those traits into my SOP to make it unique and vivid. Her positive energy also encouraged me to keep moving forward during the whole application process and gave me more confidence in achieving my goals.

It was a really nice and valuable experience to work with Hillary, and I’d definitely recommend Shine to my friends if they need the help.

(New York, NY/Shanghai, China)

Luca, Yale MBA

Working with Shine was phenomenal. Hillary is incredibly talented and committed to get you into the school you want. Even after my applications were sent in and her job was technically over with me, she never refused to help me navigate through the rest of my decision process.

(Houston, TX)

Simon, MIT Sloan MBA

Working with Shine is like taking one of those B-School Personal Development classes combined with a Sales & Marketing course. Hillary really helped me 1) understand who I am as an individual, 2) portray the best aspects of that individuality.  Thanks for going above and beyond!

(San Francisco, CA)

Jenelle, Michigan Ross EMBA

Shine was instrumental in really helping me understand the MBA application process and what schools are looking for.  I wouldn’t have gotten into a top school without their amazing insights, guidance and support.

(Denver, CO)

Megan, Kellogg MBA

I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience working with Shine. As someone looking to change career paths, she was immensely helpful in getting me to think about my past experiences and pulling out the most critical pieces to create a complete story about why I was a perfect MBA candidate for my list of schools. After getting engaged over Thanksgiving and putting off my essay drafts longer than I had planned, Hillary was nothing but understanding and put her all into editing my essays and turning them around in time for my deadlines, while doing the same for her many other students. When I was accepted to Kellogg, she was the first person I contacted, as she had been such a part of my application experience and was just as excited for me as I was. I have already referred her to my friends and will continue to do so! Thank you so much, Hillary!

(Chicago, IL)

Pablo, Kellogg MBA

Hillary Schubach from Shine was extremely helpful in my application process. We developed a strategy for each school I applied to, we worked on my resume and we put together a great set of essays. I was accepted in all the schools I applied to and it was thanks to Hillary’s help and guidance.

(Monterrey, Mexico)


Chris, Berkeley Haas MBA

I chose to work with Shine knowing that personal attention would be crucial to my success in the application process. From day one, Hillary went out of her way to really get to know my story, goals and aspirations. Her persistence in pushing me one step further on each resume and essay revision undoubtedly helped me achieve a cohesive and stellar application. Today, long after the application process has been completed, Hillary remains in close touch, a testament to her personal commitment to each and every person that she works with.

(Denver, CO)


Hillary’s ability to guide me through my strengths was of tremendous help. This not only allowed me to present the brightest side of myself to INSEAD’s admission committee, but helped me a lot to dig into myself during the whole process. I believe that since we have done this work together I have a much clearer idea of what I want to do and where I want to go.

(Moscow, Russia / Paris, France)

Jon, Emory Goizueta MBA

I really was extremely satisfied with everything that Shine helped me to achieve. Hillary’s genuine interest in how I could accomplish my admission goals were present in everything that we did.  Even with a low GMAT score, with her help, I am going to an excellent program, geographically central to family and a job market where I would like to find a position. There is no way I could have done it without Shine’s assistance.  Keep up the amazing work.

(Colorado Springs, CO)

Rebecca, UCLA Anderson MBA

Hillary and the team at Shine were invaluable to my application process. As someone who was incredibly overwhelmed during the application season, Hillary was a guiding light through multiple iterations of essays and short answers. I know the resume prep we completed was not only instrumental to my overall application, but will also help me during fall recruiting. Overall, Hillary kept me calm, collected, and focused on the task at hand. I would highly recommend her to any future applicant, and know undoubtedly that my admissions decisions would have been different without her help.

(San Francisco, CA)

Eugenio, Columbia MBA

Excellent decision to hire Shine! Definitely made the difference!

(Monterrey, Mexico)

Chuck, Berkeley Haas MBA

All five of my applications were due within a couple of short weeks of my wedding day. Hillary was a godsend in not only helping me to develop each school-specific story, but also in keeping me sane through our many essay and short answer iterations. From the onset it was clear that Hillary’s expertise extended well beyond her understanding of what each school is looking for, and really lied in her ability to draw out and sculpt the perfect story from my background and experiences.  I have no doubt that my results would have been different had I not worked with Shine.

(San Francisco, CA)

Ian, Chicago Booth MBA

A Google search, and lucky happenstance that Hillary and I were both in Denver, were the reasons for our initial interaction. A warm and inviting personality, a heartfelt belief in my ability to be successful when applying to top schools, and an incredible application of a diligent strategy are the reasons why I worked with and recommend Shine to others. Having Hillary involved in the application process from the beginning helped me effectively plan for the long process, think through the most appropriate schools to which to apply, and ensure consistent application of my personal story. By working directly with Hillary, being willing to listen to her suggestions, and relying on her many years of experience, I was able to gain admission to the school that is perfectly aligned with my career goals.

(Denver, CO)

Courtney, Columbia MBA

Hillary was an invaluable partner along my b-school journey. She helped me figure out how to talk about my career goals and how they connect to my past experiences in a way that’s logical and compelling. Whenever I thought I wasn’t cut out for b-school or couldn’t make a certain deadline, she was my biggest champion and encouraged me to believe in myself and reach for my dreams. And it worked!

(New York, NY)

Christine, Wharton MBA

Working with Hillary helped me articulate and refine my personal brand so that I could use every component of the application to convey not only my experience and accomplishments, but also my personality. Hillary gave me candid and thoughtful feedback and encouraged me to be self-reflective and authentic in putting together my applications. I cannot recommend her enough!

(Washington, DC)

Bernardo, Harvard MBA

I researched long and hard for the best admissions consultants and finally decided to go with Shine given Hillary’s trajectory as a marketer, her success in applying to B-schools and the fact I was going to consult directly with her—a key factor for me given that other companies assign you to recent grads who work part-time and do not attend all relevant admission conferences. Since English is my second language (I’m from Mexico), Hillary’s help was crucial. She pushed me to deliver the absolute best essays (and beyond) and in the end it paid off—I was accepted at HBS. I owe much of my success in my applications to her diligent work.

(Monterrey, Mexico)

Sean, UCLA Anderson MBA

Hillary has a unique ability to truly ensure her clients shine amongst an increasingly competitive business school applicant pool. Moreover, her responsiveness given quick deadlines is very impressive. I am very happy I enlisted her support throughout this process

(Detroit, MI)

Ryan, Duke Fuqua MBA

I had the privilege of working with Shine after three years of unsuccessful applications and re-applications to top programs. I had two significant obstacles to overcome with my applications: a sub-3.0 GPA and eclectic work experience. I made the job more challenging by applying exclusively to top-tier programs despite the shortcomings in my profile. Hillary rose to the challenge, took my case and coached me through the process. Her intimate knowledge of the business school application process combined with her ability to find the highlights of my profile were instrumental in my eventual success. If you have an atypical background or other challenges in your profile, you need to give Shine a call. Thank you, Hillary!

(Denver, CO)

Walter, Duke Fuqua MBA

I had the privilege of working with Shine over the past two years. Hillary provided valuable insight and helped me polish each aspect of my application, from refining my resume to practicing mock interviews. Hillary went above and beyond to help me realize my goals. She believed in my story and my ability, and with her guidance, I was able to articulate these strengths to the admissions committee. Throughout the process we conquered each setback in order to present a stronger application.  If you are serious about an MBA education, then you should consider a top-tier consultant. Shine provides you with a great partner throughout the journey to becoming a MBA student.

(New York, NY)