Hillary is simply fabulous! I can say with great confidence that without Hillary, my MBA application journey wouldn’t have been half as successful (or enjoyable) as it was. She understands the importance of finding your own unique voice, and at every opportunity – be it in mock interviews, resume reviews, essay editing, or even casual chats – she will push you to articulate your most meaningful life experiences in a way that is authentic, compelling, and reflective. She’s keenly aware of the subtle nuances between the top MBA programs (e.g., their core values, structure of curriculum, etc.) and will help you understand which elements of your personal and professional history will resonate the most with each individual admissions committee. Most of all, we had fun! Applying to business school is stressful, exhausting, and overwhelming… you might as well work with someone who will bring some joy and laughter into the process. I can’t recommend Shine enough! Thank you, Hillary!

(Los Angeles, CA)