I researched and interviewed 15 MBA admissions consultants.  After extensive evaluation, I decided Shine would be the most diligent, dedicated and informed consultancy.  I was right. Hillary had a well-thought-out process, organized action plan, and targeted tools to drill down into why I was a top candidate for both JD and MBA programs, and how to convey these messages to admissions committees.  Where multiple other consultants told me I should lower my expectations and did not have a chance at top schools, Hillary took the time to get to know me, hear my story, and genuinely believed I deserved a spot at top schools.  She gave me the vote of confidence I needed to aim high.  Hillary stays close to graduate schools, and has a very nuanced and up-to-date understanding of the admissions process.  Her insights are invaluable.  She works on the entire application process and not just the essays. She also gave me as much time as I needed on the phone with her, in person, and via email.  I highly recommend Shine for anyone applying to top 10 schools or with a non-traditional background.

(Beijing, China)