Sonya, UCLA Anderson MBA

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Sonya, UCLA Anderson MBA I absolutely could not have gotten through the admissions process without Hillary. She gave me incredibly thoughtful, meaningful feedback every step of the way; her guidance gave me the confidence to apply to reach schools I wouldn't have considered on my own. The personal attention you get with someone at her level of expertise really sets her apart from other agencies, and I would recommend her with great confidence to anyone starting the daunting journey of applying for MBA programs. - Sonya (Los Angeles, CA)

Sofia, UCLA Anderson MBA

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Sofia, UCLA Anderson MBA Hillary was so helpful to me throughout the process. She kept me on track and moving my resume and applications along. Without her, I never would have gotten my applications in in the first round. Additionally, her guidance and constructive edits on the essays were the reason that I got into the schools I did. She pushed me to really dig deep and tell the best story I could. Thank you so much, Hillary. - Sofia (Los Angeles, CA)

Sean, UCLA Anderson MBA

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Sean, UCLA Anderson MBA Hillary has a unique ability to truly ensure her clients shine amongst an increasingly competitive business school applicant pool. Moreover, her responsiveness given quick deadlines is very impressive. I am very happy I enlisted her support throughout this process - Sean (Detroit, MI)

Spotlight on UCLA Anderson School of Management

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Spotlight on UCLA Anderson School of Management   Recently, I got to spend some quality time at UCLA Anderson School of Management with Associate Director of Admissions Jessica Chung. On a sunny day in Los Angeles (is there any other?), I got to take a closer look at what makes UCLA’s MBA program so fantastic.   Did You Know? Anderson offers lots of flexibility after revising their curriculum several years ago. They now offer more tracks and specializations to provide more structure for students who wish to gain depth and expertise in particular industries/functions. Given its close proximity to Hollywood, UCLA is an obviously excellent choice for those interested in entertainment and media, and it is well known for that strength. However, it’s an equally great school for those interested in finance, entrepreneurship and technology. The career paths that students pursue most are technology, finance, and consulting, and recruiters from major firms in New York and the east coast come to UCLA for all-star talent. Much like its counterparts to the east, the city of Los Angeles is home every industry imaginable—including world-class finance and asset management firms, as well as biotechnology, alternative energy and emerging tech. Just 10 minutes away from campus is ...