Hillary was immeasurably beneficial to my applications for business school.  From my initial contact with her, she was professional, courteous, and truly excited about helping me improve my entire application, from the development of appropriate stories and explanations to the end result of writing highly effective application essays.  At first, I wasn’t sure whether a consultant could be helpful to me, but soon after having Hillary review my ideas and early drafts I realized how much stronger my applications were becoming with her guidance.  She challenged me to “show her, not tell her” what I had done in my career and personal endeavors, which made my essays exciting to read and more representative of my accomplishments.

She was an extremely clear communicator to me, and never let me slip a lazy sentence or boring idea past her.  With limited words with which to construct top business school essays, there is neither room for ambiguous claims nor unsubstantiated reasoning, and Hillary would immediately point out where I had made these mistakes and encourage me to push harder and to get the most positive impact from every word I put onto paper.

Perhaps most helpful was her ability to guide me toward making my application cohesive and meaningful as a whole, to maximize the impact of my message.  Her marketing experience was clearly evident in this regard, and helped me to present myself as a perfect “fit” within each school’s student body. Her knowledge of what admissions representatives desire in candidates of the top programs was also of great value to me throughout the application process.

I am proud to say that with Hillary’s hard work and care I was admitted to Kellogg’s full-time MBA program, and am not sure if I would have been without her help.  Thanks, Hillary!

(Portland, ME)