As we review our clients’ business school essays, we often find ourselves responding back to them with this simple question:  So what?

That’s great that you’ve told us that interesting story. However, why should we care about what you just said?

That sounds harsh. Think of it from the admissions committee’s perspective though. How has your story just conveyed your potential as a valued addition to our incoming MBA class?  How has it shown us that you’re primed to have an impact in the world?  In your future organization? At our business school? What value will you be adding to our MBA community?

This short and sweet blog post is a reminder to always ask yourself the question, “So what?” as you’re going about your business school applications. To use my favorite tennis analogy: “Follow through.”  Even a solid hit will lose its momentum if you don’t follow through on your swing.  In essay-writing terms: you’ve just told them a great story, now finish your thought.  Why are you sharing this with them?  The reason, hopefully, is something to the effect of:  because it conveys what I’m capable of, and what I’ll assuredly accomplish in the future.  And that pursuing an MBA at your school will set me up for the greatest success. (In your words, of course.)

Good luck!

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