Pilar, Wharton MBA

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Pilar, Wharton MBA I approached Shine after they came highly recommended by my employer. I was one of those applicants that did not know exactly what I was looking for and where I should apply. I asked Hillary to help me put together some ideas of schools given my interests and to help me formulate my "story."  Hillary provided some wonderful insight and was actually the one to suggest applying to Wharton, where I will begin this fall.  She not only helped me put together my resume but also a fabulous outline of the various qualities, traits, and experiences she thought I should focus on. Hillary takes a sincere interest in all of her clients and works to help each and every one of them in a personal and professional manner. I am so thankful to have found Shine. - Pilar (Dallas, TX)

Erin, Stanford MBA

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Erin, Stanford MBA Hillary's expertise as a marketer coupled with her knowledge of  business school admissions makes her an excellent adviser in the challenging MBA application process. She is excellent at identifying areas within an applicant's essays that can be positioned to appeal to the top schools' adcomms with additional detail and nuance. Hillary is patient, trustworthy and devoted to helping people get into the schools of their dreams. Thanks, Hillary for helping me get into every school I applied to! - Erin (Denver, CO)

Fadzi, Harvard MBA

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Fadzi, Harvard MBA Hillary was a wonderful resource when it came to my essays. She provided great advice, which allowed me to stay true to my voice. Hillary's help even went beyond the application process, as she put me in contact with her HBS peers to help me with my career search. She is a passionate, enthusiastic counselor who is truly invested in ensuring her clients succeed! - Fadzi (New York, NY)

Stephen, Northwestern Kellogg MBA

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Stephen, Northwestern Kellogg MBA Hillary was immeasurably beneficial to my applications for business school.  From my initial contact with her, she was professional, courteous, and truly excited about helping me improve my entire application, from the development of appropriate stories and explanations to the end result of writing highly effective application essays.  At first, I wasn't sure whether a consultant could be helpful to me, but soon after having Hillary review my ideas and early drafts I realized how much stronger my applications were becoming with her guidance.  She challenged me to "show her, not tell her" what I had done in my career and personal endeavors, which made my essays exciting to read and more representative of my accomplishments. She was an extremely clear communicator to me, and never let me slip a lazy sentence or boring idea past her.  With limited words with which to construct top business school essays, there is neither room for ambiguous claims nor unsubstantiated reasoning, and Hillary would immediately point out where I had made these mistakes and encourage me to push harder and to get the most positive impact from every word I put onto paper. Perhaps most helpful was her ability to guide me toward making my application ...

Meghan, UVA Darden MBA

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Meghan, UVA Darden MBA I could not be happier that I chose to work with Shine. I decided to use a consultant because I was applying to business schools while working full time, and I knew that having an additional set of eyes on my work would save me some stress. However, my experience with Shine was much fuller; Hillary helped me take my applications to the next level and maximize my potential. Having someone as experienced and professional as Hillary on my team was a godsend, and I know that my applications were much stronger because of Hillary’s guidance and feedback. - Meghan (New York, NY)

Dan, Wharton MBA

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Dan, Wharton MBA From the moment I began speaking with Hillary, I knew I was in the hands of someone who really cared about my admissions process. She worked feverishly to get back to me in a timely fashion and always made me feel like I was her number one priority. When working with me on my resume, she really helped to spark my thinking as far as what was needed in each section and what message I wanted to get across to the school I was applying to. I strongly recommend Hillary's assistance in any part of the process as she is someone with great experience, very likable, and extremely professional. - Dan (New York, NY)

Katherine, UVA Darden MBA

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Katherine, UVA Darden MBA Hillary was a wonderful resource during the entire application process. She has an extensive knowledge and understanding of the top MBA programs, and with her input, I was able to create a list of target schools that met my needs. During the application process, Hillary helped me discover my “personal brand” enabling me to stand out among the other candidates. In addition helping me perfect my essays and resume, Hillary provided the encouragement and support I needed to navigate the process. I would highly recommended Hillary and Shine/ MBA Admissions Consulting to anyone thinking about business school. - Katherine (Denver, CO)

Will, HEC MBA / Tufts Fletcher MALD

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Will, HEC MBA / Tufts Fletcher MALD I was put in touch with Hillary 48 hours before my business school deadline. Literally overnight, she was able to take a comprehensive look at my application and make many great suggestions on how I could improve. Even without meeting me personally, she took a competitive application and made it even stronger. I was dually impressed with Hillary's punctuality, insight, strategic thinking, and her ability to articulate thoughtful and meaningful ideas on to paper. I would highly recommend to anyone who is applying to business school to consider working with Shine/ MBA Admissions Consulting.  It is definitely worth the monetary investment, and she will help you create an application that is stronger than you thought possible. - Will (Portland, ME)

Leah, Harvard MBA

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Leah, Harvard MBA More than anything, Hillary was a wonderfully inspiring, creative and calming resource throughout what was at times a very overwhelming process.  I always felt encouraged and had a renewed sense of inspiration after each of our sessions.  I cannot imagine having had a better guide than Hillary.  Together, we were able to craft a story that illustrated how my unique attributes and experiences have shaped my career vision and how they would enable me to contribute a fresh perspective in a classroom environment.  She truly did help me "shine," and I can happily say that with her guidance, I was admitted to my first choice program, Harvard Business School. - Leah (New York, NY)

Jennifer, Michigan Ross MBA

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Jennifer, Michigan Ross MBA The business school admissions process was one of the most intense, time-consuming and daunting activities I’ve ever undertaken. Having Hillary there to support me and guide me through it was a tremendous help.  She provided me with her actual essays so I could see real examples of what top business schools look for in a candidate.  She also edited my essays to better craft “my story” and gave me great insight on the various top business schools that you cannot get from an MBA admissions book.  Furthermore, her energy and enthusiasm kept me going throughout - and now I have graduated from the school of my choice after experiencing the most amazing and stimulating 2 years of my life. - Jennifer (New York, NY)