Brian, Wharton MBA

May 11, 2016  |   Testimonials   |     |   0 Comment

Brian, Wharton MBA Hillary was exceptional. She was passionate, professional, and truly supportive throughout the application process. I would highly recommend Hillary and the Shine team to any applicant looking to put his/her best foot forward. - Brian (New York, NY)

Max, Emory Goizueta MBA

March 23, 2014  |   Testimonials   |     |   0 Comment

Max, Emory Goizueta MBA I would recommend Shine to anyone, especially any former military officers looking to transition to business school.  Hillary was crucial in helping me quantify my military service in way that admissions committees would understand.  Her resume help was outstanding, and her help with essay writing and interview prep were essential to my application process.  She always made time when I needed her, and was a great sounding board for me during some of the more anxious times of the process.  Shine admissions is absolutely worth the investment.   - Max (Colorado Springs, CO)

Planning Timeline for MBA Applicants

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Planning Timeline for MBA Applicants Are you ready to apply to business school this year? Maybe you’ve been prepping for the GMAT or staring at your resume, unsure of what to say. Think you can’t do much right now? Think again! It’s time to start thinking ahead to when you will be applying and how you can make the most of these early months. You’ll be a stronger candidate that’s not only ahead of the curve, but also (hopefully) a little less stressed about the process! 5-6 Months Out Use this time to assess and evaluate. Do you still need to take the GMAT or GRE? Now is the perfect time, considering how time-consuming preparation will be. Are you dissatisfied with your GMAT score? Sign up for new prep classes. Or if you feel like your undergraduate coursework wasn’t top notch, then take--and ace!--a local or online course in accounting, finance or statistics. At this point, you should definitely be scouring school websites to identify the best MBA programs for you. Ask yourself the tough questions: beyond ranking and reputation, does the school offer what you truly need? Does it offer coursework that will help you achieve your career goals? ...

Matt, Wharton MBA

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Matt, Wharton MBA Hillary was extremely helpful during my MBA application process, which ended in my enrollment at Wharton. Her materials spurred my idea-generation for essays, and her clear checklists gave me structure during the sometimes messy application process. Her personal touch during calls/over email made her a pleasure to work with and helped me keep my sanity before interviews/decision days! I highly recommend Shine to anyone getting ready to dive into the application process. - Matt (New York, NY)  

Andrew, Columbia MBA

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Andrew, Columbia MBA Hillary was my chief editor and partner for my entire MBA application process. She was always extremely happy to help throughout my year-long journey. From deciding where to apply, how to go about visiting schools and speaking to admissions, to the big-ticket items like writing my essays and prepping for interviews, she was there every step of the way. She differentiated herself from peers and mentors by knowing how the admissions teams think, and getting into the weeds working with my essays, and thinking about how to best craft my story. The thing Hillary really does best is not change an applicant's resume, life story, etc. (these things would be impossible), but highlight the best possible version of the applicant for admissions to see. There are auxiliary benefits to working with her as well; I believe my writing improved markedly after working with her on my MBA essays. Looking back to how much my application strategy changed after seeking her advice, I honestly don’t think I would’ve been admitted without her. - Andrew (New York, NY)